There is no doubt that there is a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media expert on almost every corner and we are not saying that to be cynical. We need each and everyone one of them to handle the load!

Before we even began the SEO Alien, we knew that there was plenty of competition, or is there? Here are some numbers.

There are well over 17,650,000,000 websites that are indexed by Google. (We took a couple hours off and added them all up.) That means SEO companies that are doing Search Engine Optimization and including Social Media can only handle at most several hundred customers a month. So lets say that all the really good SEO companies (by good we mean not the ones that don't use automated software or spam for backlinks), had 500 customers each, that would mean that there would have to be over 35 million companies like the SEO-Alien to handle all the work.

The SEO Alien - Online Optimization and Social MediaQuestions about Search Engine Optimization and Social Media are abundant. Here are  few of the more common questions we get regarding all the SEO companies and services:

  • "Are the Auto-submitting programs for backlinks any good?"
  • "What makes some SEO products and companies better than others?"
  • "Why do some cost $4.00 a month and others cost up to $2500 per month or more?"
  • "Who and what should I be listening to?"

Some of those questions would be answered by asking what our parents may have told us while we were growing up. "If you have to ask yourself if it is the right or wrong thing to do, it is probably the wrong thing." This is also true with both Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

For the most part, over 80% of the important stuff in mixing good Search Engine Optimization techniques with your Social Media is done manually. This can easily take a person with average internet and computer skills several hours a day, if not the whole day to properly write an article, properly tag it, optimize it, submit it, Bookmark it as well as maintain what they have already created. Things get updated, programs change, Twitter changed their rules,  Google changed one of 500,000 million algorithms and stuff stops working. Whatever can change, will change.

You will soon learn that people who created their Online Optimization and Social Media presence with proven techniques not only save time, but have less to "clean up" when things do change. In other words, the cream really will rise to the top.

Below we came up with what we feel are 5 basic, fundamental questions you should be asking today about Online Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.  Setting up a basic foundation is all you need to get your Articles, Websites, Blogs and other Social Networking Sites to the top of all the major Search Engines.

Our Five Questions We Feel You Should Be Asking About.

1) How to Create a Good Blog Page: Having a good blog page for SEO has many factors. Just one of them is knowing all the proper plugins that you need in place to make your blog stand out, not just for your human visitor, but for the search engines as well. This takes time and research. Keeping up with all the new ones, learning all the new features of the newly updated ones also takes time and research. Then learning to apply and use them even takes more time.

What is your Blog theme? What is the purpose of your Blog? is it used for Search Engine Optimization or is used to be a conversational blog? What are your main intentions with the traffic you attract? Are you taking a shotgun approach, or are you trying to catch a smaller, a more unique or more loyal group of followers. All these questions answers will tell you how you should design your blog and the style of posts.

Keep asking questions and you will never stop learning when it comes to applications like WordPress and the like.

2) How to Create a Facebook Biz (Fan) Page: Credibility, credibility, credibility. Those are the three main reasons you need a FaceBook biz page. Now you need to add interesting content, attract new followers, create a newsletter subscription etc, etc. As easy as that may sound, that is difficult for people that don't use or understand FaceBook. For others, they know they need to do it, but don't have the time or interest.

Even if you use automation or a company such as ours, you should never ignore it. Learn what you should be looking for so you know what you are getting. Challenge here is we only know what we know. So asking questions on the the newest, most productive methods to having people find you and contact you online will always be useful.

The subject of how to capture leads online changes almost as often as Plugins and Bookmarking sites… and so do the answers.

3) How to Manage a Twitter Page: A twitter page, when used correctly is multi-functional. It can be used as a billboard, displaying your Company Name, what you do, a direct phone number,  a link to your website or product page and and endless stream of knowledge sharing to your followers. There is almost limitless benefits you can get out of Twitter. Knowing all the techniques and keeping up with all the changing techniques and strategies is almost a full time job in itself, but Twitter, fortunately or unfortunately, plays a big part in your overall online presence and you should be asking questions about Twitter.  Plain and simple, it is a very functional tool when used correctly and not misused unintentionally.

4) How to Write and Submit Original Content: This is a BIG one. Supplying original content may seem simple enough at first. How hard can it be to write a 400-450 word article on any subject that you are an expert at? We hope not hard, but what you do with that article after you write it is even more important. Questions like, how do I post it, how do I optimize it so shows up on the search engines. how do I create a proper hyperlink that the search engines will recognize, what is Bookmarking and why is that important? And believe us when we say, the questions don't and won't stop there.

5) How to Create RSS Feeds and Distribution: (See "How to create and distribute a RSS Feed")Having quality articles and posts and doing them frequently enough will encourage other sites to recognize your RSS feed. Many of them will pick up your feed and use it on their websites or blogs for content. Knowing how to use all the different feed programs and getting your posts to post in certain locations like your FaceBook page, Twitter Paged, Linkedin Page, etc, etc, and doing it so people don't get duplicate feed content or just getting the right information to go the the right spot can get confusing, especially if you did not create your online "matrix" correctly from the start. Any good athlete will tell you, you have to have the basics down before you can really excel. Just like in sports, if you don't have the basics down for you social media, it is almost certain that you will run into challenges later.

Is it really that hard to do?

Individually, all these notes above are not difficult, but building the right foundation and keeping it running can be extremely time consuming. No-where do we say you have to be a rocket scientist to do this. (honestly, we feel it would only be a distraction). Knowing all the tips and tricks to speed this process up can take years for the average person to figure out and then by the time you do, it's outdated or has changed dramatically. So if you are asking the right questions, you will find the right answers.

One other point we would like to make is the results of your effort. To create a good, loyal list of followers can take months, if not years. So please ask yourself this, are you prepared to dedicate time every week, from now till as long as you are in business to learn how to do all this? Whether your answer is yes or no, if you are a small business and want big time results, we will always do our best to give you the best.

The old SEO techniques are sometimes the ones we were using yesterday. With more and more emphasis being put on your "online credibility" by a potential client or a Search Engine, it's more important than ever to do it right.

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