Take Advantage of Online Technology for Your BusinessTechnology in this Electronic World of Ours is Driving the Way We Now do Business.

Technology in this electronic world of ours is driving the way we now do business. This is not news to those who are growing up in a generation of social transparency and technology. Those who have been doing business for years, or even decades, will want to explore this phenomenon.

Marketing should be, and always has been, something that a successful company didn’t hesitate to budget for. It was always an important part of getting your business name out there for all to see. It was much different just a few decades ago. In fact, it has even changed dramatically over this last decade.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

A good example of this new way to announce yourself to the world is the music business. There used to be a need for a solid music education or exposure in local arenas. Then once you established that people liked your music and would pay to see you play it, the painstaking process of going from radio station to radio station trying to get air time for your song. Of course, first there had to be someone willing to record and produce your song first. It took the best musicians years, money, and persistence to be recognized and to finally win the coveted recording contract.

Today that’s entirely different. Musicians are becoming top selling producers by recording themselves on viral video websites. If their music is enjoyed it suddenly gets hit after hit and is shared through social media among friends, and then friends of friends, and so on. This is quite different from the old school way of getting recognition for your musical gift.

This is the new marketing experience for business as well. Social media is very powerful and ‘viral’ can be very good for sales. The technology available to you today through social and business websites and even Twitter can turn your business into a success very quickly. Professional companies have made it their business to know how to market your business through use of social media.

"It's Not Your Costumers Job to Remember That You Are in Business"

Getting Noticed Online

It is easy enough to make blog posts and social media pages to describe what you do for your customers and clients. Since the electronic technology is so advanced today, everyone can do it. So your new challenge is getting noticed in a world where a person searching for company or product like yours could get literally millions of relevant pages. It is the job of the social media and marketing experts to get your company or product at the top of those search results so you are noticed among the millions.

Writing and submitting articles about trending subjects that are relative to your followers and product is one of, if not the best way to get to the top of the Search Engines. Another, often overlooked way of getting noticed is to "piggy-back" off of other successful articles in your niche.

Use Social Media to Become the Expert

Do a search for a product like your and find forums, blogs and other sources where you can leave a comment on a post that has to do with your services. In almost every case, posting a comment or reply will require you to make a profile. Most (if not all) of these profiles will also allow you to create links to your website,  blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. So taking a few minutes to reply to a question or comment in your niche allows you to become the expert. People will then be encouraged to click on your profile that links to your products and services.

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