Talk with any professional expert in SEO and you will quickly find they rarely just spend time optimizing a site for a Search Engine.


In fact, most people who started out as SEO experts have now morphed their SEO services to cover the full spectrum of content marketing activity.

There was a time, (and still is today I feel) when a 'SEO expert' and a 'Social Media expert' could not even be in that same room together. It is this reason I believe there is a huge disconnect in how SEO can be and should be done.

When done correctly, no Google Algorithm is going to hurt your website rankings!!

Social Media managers know how to promote on Social Media, but many fail to have the SEO know how to give it real SEO juice. And on the other hand, SEO experts know the SEO that needs to be done by today standards, but may not know the Social Media aspects that make that a success.

Many years ago when we created the SEO-Alien name it was because we mainly "alienated" ourselves from the rest of the SEO community by doing content marketing, bookmarking, social media sharing and the like to get on the top of the Search Engines.

So … what do we really mean when we say “SEO”?

SEO is not dead, it has just changed its identity. SEO is still a result of what we do, but it's not all we do or what needs to be done… We were (and still are) I believe on the right track.

SEO is Dead - Infographic
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