Did Felix jump from his balloon earlier than planned? Classified information has it that he was supposed to climb to 129,000 ft

New, unconfirmed reports start leaking out from the Felix Baumgartner Balloon Jump! Was there a reason why Felix did not wait till 129,000 feet before taking his leap back to Earth?

… these (unedited) screen shots may explain it.

From 128,100 ft.

SEO Alien with Felix BaumgartnerSeconds Later….
So Who Pushed Felix Baumgartner out of the Balloon?

6 Minutes Later…

Felix and the SEO-Alien

 2 Days Earlier…

SEO-Alien in Roswell NM

For those of you that missed the livestream, you can catch the (edited) highlights in the video below. Felix jumped from a platform 128,100 feet up and landed after a 119,846 foot freefall, achieving maximum vertical velocity of 833.9 mph.

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