After building my first website in 1998, a lot has changed. Other than all of the advances in website design, what is changing the most to me is the time it takes to post an article.

As much as Google has changed algorithms and Facebook has changed their terms of service, behind the scenes, the changes going on in websites design, particularly with WordPress, is getting truly out of this world. And with these amazing blog designs, there also comes a few downfalls. To me, one of the things that are changing as well is the time it takes to post an article.

For 8 years, 90% of the WordPress sites I built was using one WordPress theme, and you would never know it. Using this theme I could practically duplicate any website. That theme is Flexsqueeze. And as the name suggests, it is extremely flexible and it truly is "The EASIEST Custom Site Creator EVER".

If you are new to blog design, or even an experienced WordPress user, I suggest you take look at Flexsqueeze. It is extremely powerful and if you are new to WrodPress, it is a great place to start.

I was so comfortable and experienced using that theme, I dreaded changing, but it was inevitable, change had to happen. Learning a new theme can be like going back to school to learn all the ins and outs, what it can do, what it can't do etc. And now some of these WordPress website themes have so many outrageously cool and effective looks, it can take hundreds of hours using some of these themes before you get a really good handle on them.

Recently, one of my customers wanted a new look, he suggested one of these responsive WordPress themes call Divi theme and I absolutely love it! However, with all the cool features and other tools this website blog design offers, it is easy to get lost in all you can do.

All these new features and designs also mean more businesses will need qualified website designers and better online content marketing to keep up. In the old days (5 -10 years ago), building a website required some basic HTML skills.

Today, to be an effective website designer, you also need to know CSS and have a good image skills as well. A blog post with good graphics to share on social media is practically a waste of time.

It is getting to the point that to build a website or run a social media campaign, specific knowledge and skills are required. Without the experience required to obtain these, you will be trying to launch a rocket to Mars without learning algebra.

With all the changes this brings me this question. How long does it take you to post an article on your website? And if you have been doing content marketing for a while, how about compared to a year ago or even 10 years ago?

So this brings us to the poll. Including creating the content, the images, designing your post and sharing it on your social media sites, how long does it take you?

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