Creating better backlinks for SEOWant to get good sites with good page rank backlinking to you?  Write good quality articles, use your keyphrase in the title and a few times within the article.

Then you post that article to a good location online that is relative for your industry that has a good page rank. Backlink it to your website using a good title in your hyperlink, bookmark it to several social networking sites. Doing this will get your articles, profiles more recognition. more traffic and also to the top of the search engines for your keyphrase!

STEP 1 – Write Good Articles about your "niche"

  • There are literally thousands, and thousands of places you can write articles that you have written, submit them to and backlink to your site!

STEP 2 – Add links to your post by Bookmarking it!

  • There are again hundreds of locations to bookmark that article to. You may have heard of "micro-blogging"? Take a snippet of your article and add that to all your other online social sites with a link to that post. Doing so not only creates a link to that post from the social sites you added it to, but it also creates another backlink to your website, blog, video, etc.

Why do we need to do these things?

  • There are millions and millions of websites on the world wide web and you only have a 1% chance of yours succeeding!
  • Most websites get no traffic.
  • 99% of the websites fail!
  • Only 7% of all sites get indexed and ranked by the Search Engines to begin with.
  • 80% of people that search online don’t go past the first page.

All of the best sites will require you create a profile, add links to your websites and blogs, upload an image or company logo.

Part of the problem is you will need to figure out what ones work. This requires setting up hundreds and hundreds of accounts and learn how to use them.

All of them will require that you have submitted something online that is original, unique to you and links back to your marketing. You do not always want to be submitting the same stuff or linking to the same material either, so you always need to be submitting new articles. It is a continues process of writing new articles, posting and Bookmarking marking them. (Bookmarking is simply adding your articles to other social bookmarking sites on a regular basis.)

Once you have created your accounts, now you will need to add this relative content to all your sites to keep these sites "active" and productive. These posts you make is the engine that keeps your online marketing machine going. This is what drives new traffic to your blogs, videos and websites!

No Traffic = No Visitors = No Leads = No Sales.

You will also want to create lots of followers for not only people to see your "stuff", but for online credibility as well. Your company will look much better with 15,000 followers than let's say 76.

So how do you do it all? In reality, if you spent 4 hours a day, every day for a year only setting up new accounts and profiles on all the different social accounts, article accounts and classified sites and the like, you will most likely have just got started and there are 100 new sites you will have to learn and create sites for that are newer and better!

Point is, if you are not doing Search Engine Optimization and Social Networking on a full time basis, you can quickly fall behind.

If you are like most people that have an online business, you already understand that getting leads online isn't as easy as the commercial on late night TV had us believe. Not that you or anyone else can't do it, it just involves a lot of learning new stuff and applying it… over and over and over.

The best way to get to the top of Google is writing articles, submitting them, bookmarking them, blogging them, creating new social account profiles on the latest trendy social site, creating new fans and so on and so on. We do it because it works and you have to keep doing it on a consistent basis to keep your sites on the top of the search engines for the most competitive key phrases. Problem is the cost or the time of learning how to do it.

This is where the SEO-Alien can step in and help.

We give you the online presence to give you not only online credibility but online visibility. Top Search Engine rankings for they keyphrases you choose, social networking sites, graphics, grow your followers and submit new articles to high traffic sites on your behalf once a week and populate all your other sites with links to your posts to create more traffic, more leads and more sales.

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