Want Proof that Article Marketing Works? Advertising is one of the necessary  components for your website to gain a huge volume of Internet visitors. If you want more visitors to your blog or website, one of the most effective methods is Article Marketing.

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One of the popular advertising schemes around the web is the article marketing. The expertise in promoting a certain site is translated into a written article and distributed it to sites that offer free article posting to highly endorse a certain product or service.

It is also achieved by using blogs and direct agreements with webmasters and editors of these free article sites to publish your article. In return, they will provide you a direct link back to your website.

Article Marketing for the Most Part is Free

What makes it very popular among online marketers is that it is free. All you have to do is write your articles then submit it to free articles posting sites and the rest is history.

If you have posted it in content directories, other webmasters can get it and post it to their sites. Once read by your potential clients and finds it interesting, then they will be likely visiting your site in quest for additional information.

Watch this Video!

In this video I take a PLR article (this one), tweak it (spin it) a bit, add and image with an affiliate link, add a hyperlink with an affiliate link, share it on Facebook and LinkedIn and have it appear #1 on Google for the Keyphrase I was after that had over 1,000,000,000 possible search results. This is how article marketing works and this is how to write an article that gets to the top of Google! 

Article Marketing Advertising Strategies

How true that article marketing is working in favor of the individuals who availed it as part of their advertising strategies? Are they really getting enough web traffic from this form of advertising, or they are just wasting their time and financial resources hiring article writers?

One real estate agent once posted in his site that before, he preferred advertisements to inform his buyers of the properties that he is selling. However… 

When he heard of article marketing, he once tried it by writing an article about acquiring real estate properties by mortgages. Then after he have posted it in free article sites, the web traffic inside his site started to grow, until he decided to write more articles with regards to the different aspects of real estate. (If you are in real estate, check out these real estate articles.)

The potential of attracting customers is there. Not only a single person can view your articles—it can be thousands or even millions of viewers.

Content isn't King, Well Written, Informative Content is King When Article Marketing

Another is that most of the buyers are tired of looking into the sites that just showing the appearance of their product, a brief description, and its retail or wholesale price. They want a complete description of it—a blow-by-blow account, if possible.

Looking for another proof?

  • If you will be visiting a free article site, check how many categories that they have.
  • Under these categories, there exist thousands of articles.
  • For instance, in a certain free article site, they are offering 40 categories, and in each category, they are having around 10,000 articles.
  • Imagine having 400,000 articles in that site. It will not expand unless article marketing is just a bluff, right?

Try to visit a popular search engine and type in the search box the word “article”. What will you notice? All the related searches in the first page will be pertaining to different article sites.

If you are still unconvinced, try another diversion. Think of a service that you want to search, for instance, you want to know anything about credit cards. Again type in the search box the words “credit card articles”. What will happen?

It will give you the list of sites that offers articles about credit cards. Take note that you are not directed to companies that are offering such service. Once you have accessed for that articles, there is a link box that will lead you to these companies. Now you will not be empty-handed of the basic information about credit cards.

Article Marketing is a Valuable Online Marketing Strategy

There are other proofs of the effectiveness of article marketing. Remember that each of us have one thing in common—information. Even we are looking for details regarding a certain product or just a student looking for vital information about his lesson, articles are important. Now, who says that article marketing is just a bluff? No one at all.

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