Guest posting, better yet, bulk guest posting gets a huge slap from Google, just ask who just got de-index from Google.

Ok, so they still appear on Yahoo… but the whole reasoning for the de-indexing of guest blogging site PostJoint from Google came from the claim that their site has "no footprints". That seemed to have ruffled someone's feathers… more specifically, the feathers of Matt Cutts.

Cutts redflag

So naturally, by raising the red flag to Google by posting on the home page of their website that the site leaves "no footprints", well…. an image I guess can explain this better. Business model Violations - Business model Violations

Ok, that penalty image above was made up by postjoint  but Google not indexing them is not made up.

So what is the purpose of Guest Post Blogging?

This whole intent to guest blogging is trying to get as many incoming links to your website from your guest post. Very similar to all that spam you get in your comments, (as any WordPress owner will tell you).

Though the spam comments you can somewhat control, it was only a matter of time before Google did something about guest blogging for backlinks.

If you have guest bloggers on your site and you are not doing a sloppy job on guest blogging and only using high quality content and links, you have nothing to be afraid of. No Google will not de-index your site for have guest bloggers.

This attack by Google is specifically targeted towards sites and networks that are doing a horrible job on guest blogging quality thus building low quality content and links.

Taking it one step further, it has also been reported that some of the guest bloggers websites themselves have been penalized by Google for even participating in "Mass guest blogging" tactics. If it looks to good to be true, well.. in this case as in may others, it is.

What if Your Site Has Been Penalized?

If your site has a number of an unnatural outbound links, you’ll want to clear things up and get your site back into Google’s good books.

If you've received an unnatural outbound links penalty you’ll want to clear things up and get your site back into Google’s good books. Before submitting a reconsideration request, nofollow any questionable links.

Thanks for the Confirmation Google

If anything, this still proves that backlinks still must play an important factor in Google Search Engine algorithms, otherwise why would Google be working so hard to stop this type of backlink building?

It never ceases to amaze me how many people look for short cuts in SEO. It may work for a while, but why even risk the penalties that Google and other Search Engines could place on your site?

Looking to get traffic? Though it may take longer to do it right, do it right and you will get traffic.

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