Google Plus has Potential to Overtake Other Social Media The new social media outlet available through Google called Plus has the potential to run away with the social media market. It’s simplicity of operation and maintenance will be a welcome relief after negotiating the others.

How can Google Plus possibly compete with the Facebook giant? It’s simple. And that’s exactly how they’ll do it. The two are now both considered the best places to do some pretty thorough communicating with all those who may have an interest in your business.

Google+ Has Awesome Features

Like Facebook, Google Plus has pages that feature posts, photos, and blog spaces. Like both Facebook and Twitter, you can collect those who ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you and put up pictures and videos to enhance your posts. There is a difference, though. Google’s offering is easier to navigate and edit when categorizing people in your list. On Google they’re called Circles. It’s a paradigm that features an easy drag and drop way of organizing those you want in one category or another, or possibly both. This is where your Circles will overlap.

Google+ Circles

Google Plus allows you to use a one click method to place your co-workers and associates in a category, also called a Circle.

  • Your friends would go into another Circle, and family, still another.
  • There is no reason to create lists as you would with Twitter or groups as you do with Facebook.

These often difficult and laborious organizing chores are a thing of the past if you begin to use Plus. While you may still need to keep your Twitter followers and your Facebook friends or fans, the move to Google Plus will be a natural once you attempt to use it.

Google+ Status Updates

The other way that Google hopes to snag businesses is by requiring only one click to publish photos, videos, and posts, called status updates. You can choose which Circle to show your items to en masse. Have a photo album of your 1975 high school class reunion and want only friends to see it? Simply click to send it to your Circle of friends and remove the apprehension of what your business contacts might think of it. They don’t need to see your personal items at all unless you want them to.

Google+ Hangouts

Another feature of Plus is the Hangout, which will rival, and threatens to overtake the communication guru, Skype. It’s a video chat that allows live communication. With photos integrated through the Picasa photo service your logos, photos, technical drawings, and more will be seen with clarity and be very easy to upload into your page and share with whomever you choose with a click of a button.

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