Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by Google and There’s no denying the impact Gmail has had on the web mail industry..

As soon as Gmail came out:
All of its competitors immediately started sweating.

Here’s the deal:
Starting a gmail account today is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make.

In case you weren’t aware:
Using Gmail is one hundred percent free! That’s right, Gmail is not only a stellar service provided by Google: It’s also free to sign up for and use!

There are many strengths and desirable features to using Gmail. For starters:
You don’t even have to be online to access your Gmail inbox.
You can be offline and still log into Gmail to view your most recent emails.
This is done by storing information on your device through the Gmail offline app. For people with unreliable internet connections this is a huge advantage.

  1. When it comes to success: Organization is key!
    Gmail understands this and automatically organizes incoming mail into three distinct folders: 
    Primary mail
  2. Promotional mail
  3. Social mail.

This helps you to stay organized and on top of your game.

Are you trying to find a specific email?

Thanks to Gmail’s search bar feature: You can find any email inside your inbox based on a keyword or phrase.
This makes finding mail easier than ever before!

If you receive mail far too frequently:
You can simply buffer that mail to only arrive inside your inbox at preset intervals of time. This is made possible by the Gmail app, Boomerang.

Here are some more awesome features to using Gmail for you to enjoy:

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