When you think about how much we rely on the web and Search Engines, it’s hard to believe that 25 years ago it didn’t exist.

25 Years of Search Engine OptimizationThe early 90’s saw the birth of the internet, websites and browsers, so it wasn’t long before someone invented a way for users to be able to connect all of these things together – enter the Search Engine.

In the early days we relied on Search Engines such as Excite, Yahoo and Lycos to get us to where we wanted to go, but it wasn’t long before Google took over and re-invented search and SEO.

So what can we learn from the history of SEO? How much has it changed? When did keywords, meta data and analytics become so important? Take a look at this “25 Years of Search Engine Optimization” infographic below, created by Keyword Eye, to find out…

25 Years of SEO

There you have it, 25 Years of Search Engine Optimization History!

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