One of the many things you can do with Google+ is Bold, Italic and use Strikethrough text effects in your Google Plus posts. Here is the cheatsheat on how to do that.

Using Text Effects on Google Plus PostsThe more I use Google+, the more I am impressed with all the different features it has available, and one of those is text effects on your Google Plus posts for extra emphasis!

How to Bold a Word on Your Google Plus Posts

All you need to do to Bold any word in a Google+ post is use the ‘*’ symbol *before and after* any word or word phrase in your post!

How to Bold Words on Google Plus Posts

How to Italicize Words or Phrases on Your Google Plus Posts

Want to use Italics on any word or phrase? Simple, use the underscore _before and after_ and word or phrase in your Google+ post!

How to Italicize Words on Google Plus Posts


How to Stikethrough a Word or Phrase on Your Google Plus Posts

Stikethough any word or phrase by using the dash symbol -before and after- and word or phrase on your Google+ post!

How to Strikethrough Words on Google Plus Posts


 And don’t be afraid to use a combination of all of them!

Combination of bold italic and strikethrough


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