When you close comments on any post or page, WordPress will place “Comments Are Closed” on the bottom of that post or page. Though all WordPress themes are not identical, here is how to remove “Comments Are Closed” from a Flexsqueeze WordPress theme.

The steps below to remove the “Comments Are Closed” from the bottom of the pages/posts that you turn comments off for are specifically for the Flexsqueeze WordPress theme, however, you may find that for you theme that the steps may be very similar for your WordPress theme.

Be sure to save an original text copy of the codes we are going alter, just in case, for any reason you would have to go back to the original.

 Step One:

Choose 'Appearance - Editor" when removing "Comments are closed" from WordPress

From the side menu choose Appearance -> Editor

Step 2

Select-CommentsThe from the Templates on the right, click on the ‘Comments.php”.

Step 3

Search or scroll down that page till you find the “Comments are Closed” text and remove what is highlighted blue in the image below and click “update file”. (Note the class. In this case it is called “comment-wrap”. We will be editing this next.)

Comments are closed

Step 4

stylesheet.cssFrom the templates on the right, now choose the ‘Stylesheet.css’ from the Styles. (It is most likely at or near the bottom.)

Step 5

In step 3, you should have noted the “class”, in this case it was the “comment-wrap”. Do a search on that page for the class name (“comment-wrap” without quotations) and edit the “padding-left:10px;padding-right:10px;padding-top: 10px;padding-bottom: 10px;display: block;”.

Change all number 10‘s to zeros, (0) and click “update file” . This will remove the space from the bottom of the post where the ‘Comments are closed” section wants to be.


And that’s all there is to it, now there will be no space and no “comments are closed” text under your posts and pages that you have closed comments on.


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