Content is the most important to-do when developing a website or blog. This is the thing that determines whether people will fall in love with your website or not.

Write Unique Article

If your content is not useful to your visitors, they will definitely not gonna visit again or follow you and it will make your sites fall. You only need to have a Unique Blog Post.

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Type of Content to make

Sometimes choosing good content for writing can be a difficult task. Here are some common types of content.

    • Article that will open our eyes to bigger things
    • Article that will make us smile and laugh
    • Article that will bring a new perspective to common phenomena
    • Article that will bring us back to the basics we have forgotten
    • Article that will tell a story
    • Article that will be challenging
    • Article that will reveal the secret
    • Article that will show us how to realize our dreams
    • Article that will take us on an exciting journey

But the problem is about creating amazing content and maintaining it from time to time rather than just creating amazing content.

But if you want to create top-notch content, you have to spend your time writing, researching, repeating, checking, and making graphics and many other things.

Brands will require orders, values, and uniqueness. Here, in this post, we will discuss some ways to write unique blog posts and avoid plagiarism.

10 Tips to Writing Unique Blog Posts

1. Search using the keywords or topics that you want to write

The first step to writing a unique blog content is through research. You must know about what other people write about interesting topic or keywords. There are various keyword tools that you can use.

2. Simply go to the Google homepage and type in the keyword when you know the keyword.

Open all links that appear on the top page of Google search. You can open it at once on a different tab.

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3. Skim reads each article by writing the main points

All parts of writing unique blog posts will depend on your approach. Creating new content that is truly unique is almost impossible.

So consider taking ideas from experts. Just look at each article that you have opened. You can choose important points from the articles.

You can record it in a notebook or a piece of paper.

4. Compile a good list

You definitely want to make a list of extraordinary points from the main points. You will also see that some of the points you collect from different articles are similar.

Simply focusing on the inclusion of uncommon points offers great insight too.

5. Don't use only one source

This is like a red line for you. Don't cross it. Use as many sources as you can. This will help you to find out about various unique blog posts and writing styles that can be useful for your visitors.

6. Map the structure of your post

Arrange all your main points in order of importance and relevance, from the most important to the least needed. First, make sure you need to break your points into parts or not.

7. Add to the list what you already know

You can add things to your list that you already know. In small things, we make sure that to post ten points; at least four must be who we have experimented alone.

This will really be a great approach and you should definitely try it.

8. Start writing your blog post from the beginning

This point is very important. The time to mention is over now. Now it's time to talk about the main part of your post.

At each point, write great insights that can inspire your understanding of the subject, research, and data that you have done.

9. Don't write exactly the same

Try writing content in your own words. If you write content by copying and pasting, it won't be a unique post, right?

10. Edit all of your article's grammatical errors

One of the main things to consider in your content is about grammatical errors. This will be very helpful in writing unique blog posts. You can correct grammar errors, rearrange the floor and insert relevant images.

You must establish yourself as a brand to stay out of noise. Brands will need value and uniqueness.


Here are ten ways to Write Unique Blog Posts and avoid plagiarism. If you apply the things given above, you can certainly write unique blog posts.

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