Use Quizzes to drive more traffic to your website and Google will love you for it.

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, building your list or simply for better SEO, quizzes have proven to be one of the top traffic sources in 2014 and it is not going to stop in 2015 and beyond!

We all know that Google loves quality content, but in 2015 you are going to need more than quality articles to get more traffic and SEO juice, you will need to start looking at other ways to engage your visitorsGoogle is now watching user behavior in their search results.

User Engagement = Better SEO Results.

Google is paying attention to what people are sharing socially  on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Getting social mentions can be a huge contributor to your SEO rankings. Several years ago, many 'SEO experts' claimed that social sharing had no impact on Search Engine rankings, but today it is a fact, Google is paying attention to how many people are sharing an article or post for SEO ranking.

Right now, one of the better ways to drive more traffic to your website and engage your visitors is with a quality quiz.

A good quiz (as proven below) is also a great way to get people to sign up for your newsletter and/or drive the quiz taker to any 'Call to Action' of your choice at the end of the quiz!

Share your quiz result

Hot Sauce Quiz: A Good will encourage people to share their results on Social Media sites.

A good quiz has a better chance of going viral on social media than any other form of media, especially if at the end of the quiz people are encouraged to share their results of that quiz on their Social Media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin.

What is the most shared thing on Social Media? Images! A good quiz will allow you to use images in your questions and results. Even if people "fail the quiz" they will be more likely to share their results with a funny result and image.

Quiz Image Results


Quiz Case Studies

Seeing where quizzes were going with popularity, in 2014 I created Quiztecks to create quizzes for our clients. (After researching dozens of quiz sites, we use Qzzr exclusively for all our clients quizzes).

Though I could have used examples here of quizzes that were taken and shared well over 500 times, let's instead take a look at a couple of quizzes that surprised us with the results because of the niche.

Case Study #1 – Using Quizzes for SEO and Traffic

Sample: Fort Worth Texas Property Management

Property Management…not the most exciting thing in the world you would think… however, the right quiz for your site can do some amazing things!

Real Estate Quiz

In just a couple of months, this quiz was taken (at the time of this screen shot) 245 times!


This site was getting moderate traffic, but this one quiz about "What Do You Know About Real Estate" more than doubled the traffic in one week organically vs. the previous month.

Texas property management quiz results

1 weeks worth of Google searches for Real Estate Trivia

What is even more amazing to me is the click-through rate on our quizzes are as high as 28%. We all know that Google loves the clicks because of the relevancy of the search to the searcher. This is driving engaging traffic that stays on your site for the time it takes to complete the quiz.

Being on the top of Google for a particular Search Phrase that you thought was popular may not drive you any traffic as shown in the image below.

In 1 week:

  • "Property Management Fort Worth" had 50 impressions when searched on Google with ZERO click throughs.
  • "Real Estate Trivia" however had 110 Google Search impressions with FIVE clicks.
  • Ironically, the only clicks that came from Google were for the quiz, not for the search phrase he wants to be #1 on Google for.
Real Estate Quiz Clicks

Google Search Phrase Impressions and Clicks


"One thing that Google will love for sure about your quiz is the 'time on site', one of the many factors that helps your sites rankings."


Case Study #2 – List Building

One of the many things you can do with a quiz is to use it to build your list! At the end of the quiz, you can offer a 'Call to Action' for the quiz taker to join your newsletter.

Though I believed it would work, it was even better than what I expected. Let's talk about "Anaerobic Digestion". Exciting stuff again. The problem here is a site about "Anaerobic Digestion" doesn't really attract a lot of traffic all by itself, but with a good quiz, that can change.

This quiz in a short time was taken 108 times!

The money is in the list! The real reason for this quiz was to get people to sign up for a newsletter that we could use to drive more traffic to the site to help it with Google love. Getting people to sign up for an "Anaerobic Digestion" newsletter seemed somewhat challenging if not slim to none, but a newsletter on Recycling and Energy saving tips seemed like a logical fit.

So we created a quiz. At the end of this quiz, people are asked to "Join the Newsletter".

Join the Newsletter!

Call to Action to "Join the Energy Recyclers Newsletter" at the end of the quiz.


Result: In 1 month we tallied 10 subscribers and it is growing! May not sound like a lot, but that is close to a 10% conversion ratio to sign up for a newsletter, a sites newsletter about "Anaerobic Digestion" using energy recycling tips as the reason to join… not to shabby!

Newsletter Sign-Ups for


In Summary:

Using this type of technique to get people to sign up for a newsletter from one of our quizzes is averaging close to a 20% conversion ratio… that is incredible. We are now using this same strategy with other sites that normally would not receive a bunch of traffic simply because of the nature of the site.

Without these quizzes, these site would take years (or never) to get a good list of people to sign up for their newsletter.

Quizzes are fun, people love to be challenged by them and they love to share their results! When a quiz is created correctly, the quiz is about the quiz taker, not you (the company) and this makes it more likely for that person to share their quiz results on their social media sites.

A quiz has a lifetime of potential. It could be days or weeks before anyone takes that quiz again, but it will only take one person sharing that quiz to their 4,000 followers to make that quiz go viral once again.

Looking for quality Quizzes for your niche? Contact us for a quote on what I can do for you using Quiztechs to boost your quiz!

About the Author:

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