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Create Insanly Dynamic Sales FunnelsWhy You Should be Using Create Quizzes?

  • The #1 article on NY Times in 2013 was a quiz
  • 8 out of the top 10 shared articles in the last 8 months are quizzes.
  • Huffington post just launched their own quiz tool
  • People that take quizzes are 68% more likely to share their quiz results on social media

Why You Should be Allowing the SEO-Alien to  Create Your Quizzes

We have been in the 'quiz business' since 2010! We not only create your quizzes, but we understand the physicology behind quizzes, why people will take them and what makes them more likely to be shared. Not only do we do the reasearch behind the right quiz for you, but we also create an entire strategy for you as well. The result being, creating a quiz that has the best opportunity to get volumes of shares!

The SEO-Alien has a proven recipe when it comes to creating your quizzes to encourage more shares that result in more traffic to view your offer (call to action) once the quiz is taken.

Take a Quiz - Share a Quiz - Create a quiz!This is why we created a brand new website called Quiztechs.com!
Take a Quiz – Share a Quiz – Create a Quiz

Would you like the SEO-Alien and Quiztechs to create a custom quiz to drive more traffic to your website and create more Social Media interaction – Contact us!

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