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Looking for quality backlinking opportunities? We have a great program for that!

We have made our backlink program simple!

  • Each backlink is $2.00/mo. (ie. 3 backlinks = $6.00/mo.) until cancelled.
  • Backlinks are available on Posts only from any Category
  • All backlinks will be set to open in a new window using these elements:
    <a href= "URL" target="_blank" "noopener noreferrer">
  • Not all posts may be eligible for our backlinking program. Please use the form on the right BEFORE purchasing to confirm the post(s) you would like backlinks from are available.
  • In almost all cases, we only allow 3 backlinks per eligible post per client.
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  • The SEO-Alien reserves the right to alter our rates, as market forces dictate.
  • The SEO-Alien reserves the right to refuse any backlink and only qualified URLS will be accepted.

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