Facebook TimelineOne click is all it takes to access the new Timeline feature on Facebook. You’ll have a full week to edit your page and get it just right before you publish it and take it live.

Keeping up with the latest features on Facebook is crucial to your social media success. When they offer a new way to communicate with fans and friends, it’s wise to check out the process, cruise around and see what it looks like on other pages, and then preview it for your own page. They make it really easy to transform your standard page into the new Timeline interface page.

UPDATE: This article was written in 2012. All Facebook users now are all upgraded to this feature by default.

Find the button that says ‘Get Timeline’ and click on it (or go to Facebook.com/timeline). Don’t worry. You’ll have a full week to preview it and to tweak it to your specifications before it goes public. Nobody will be able to see the Timeline pages except you until you are ready to show it off. When it looks like what you envision and is ready to be published, simply click the button that enables the ‘publish now.’ At that point, it will be visible to all who visit your page.

Edit Before Publishing

If you believe that there will be no need to change or edit anything before you go public with the Timeline, simply click the ‘Get Timeline’ button, and then click the ‘Publish Now’ button. It’s really that simple. This is fine for those who just want to change the configuration of your page to reflect the latest options.

To edit before publishing, go to the ‘About Timeline.’ Click on ‘Get Timeline’ from that page. A business presence will always require more care, so you can use your 7 day edit period to fix anything you want to look different, or to give the page a better and more professional look. Use the week you have before publishing to edit the page, set your privacy settings, and make your determinations for which items will be seen by any and all and which will be exclusively seen by your closest friends and family.

To edit, simply scroll through your page and remove or edit anything you wish to change. A drop-down menu will come up if you roll your cursor over the item you want to change at the upper right corner of the item. Choose the action from the options. You can change or add locations, change dates, or even make certain items disappear or hide.

Some posts can be featured if you wish by clicking on the star next to the pencil icon at the left of the item. That item will become larger and more obvious. When you’ve finished and are satisfied with your edits, simply press the ‘Publish Now’ button and your new Facebook Timeline page will be live.

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