How to Add Google Analytics to a WordPress Website

Google Analytics: You will hear from almost anyone that is involved in Search Engine Optimization how valuable of a tool Google Analytics is. As powerful of a tool it is for SEO, it is equally, if not even a greater tool for any online marketer. Here is how to add Google Analytics to a WordPress website

The Best Social Networking Site Poll

If you could only have one of the following, FaceBook, Twitter or Linkedin, what Social Networking site would you use to promote your business? Take Our Poll Are you using Social Media sites to attract new visitors to your websites? If so, how is it working for you?...

Using Social Media to Sell?

There should be really no doubt anymore on the weight of Social Media sites for marketers and advertisers alike, but is it all hype?  How many people really click those ads on FaceBook compared to how many buy from such a site? According to Knowledge Base only 5%...

How Does Google Calculate PageRank? – Poll

Google will give your website a PageRank. PageRank reflects Googles view of the importance of your web page(s) by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Take Our Poll Yes, it is somewhat comprehensive and with a series of simultaneous...

The Best Browser Poll

With all the different browsers available we thought it would be interesting to find out what your favorite is. We have a pretty good idea who will win the most votes, so please give us your vote and let's find out! What is Your Favorite Browser? ...

SEO Alien Review of

Using good article sites to submit your articles that give you both followable backlinks and good search engine visibility are always something that the SEO Alien team is always searching for in cyberspace. Overall, has given us pretty darn good results.

Creating Quality Backlinks from High Ranking Pages

Creating backlinks to your website(s) from other websites for better Search Engine rankings is without doubt one of the most popular ways to get your website to the top of the search engines. Backlinks to your website from other high ranking pages will ultimately give...

How to Write Articles that Get to the Top of Google

Whether you are posting on your blog or on any other article site, here are some important tips on how to write articles that get to the top of Goggle. There is a bit more to posting and article than simply pasting into your blog or article site than just pasting it and hitting submit

Creating Your Company's Online Image

Are you happy with your company's online image or do you even have one? Creating a professional online image is more important today than ever before. More people start their searches for companies just like yours online and if you are not easily found, your sale is...

How to Get Good Sites Backlinking to Your Website

Want to get good sites with good page rank backlinking to you?  Write good quality articles, use your keyphrase in the title and a few times within the article. Then you post that article to a good location online that is relative for your industry that has a good...

Best Bookmarking Site for SEO Poll

What is your favorite bookmarking site that you use for SEO purposes? Readable backlinks, high page rank, good "Google Juice" etc. If your favorite isn't listed, please add it!

What is a Browser Video

We have the fortunate opportunity to speak with good intelligent business people every day, in fact. we hired a business manager to handle everything for us. Why, because we knew what we good at, but more importantly what we are not good at.

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