Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a method initially neglected in the field of digital marketing, but its use can produce effective results.

Improve Your Brand Online Reputation with SEO

As an individual or company, when you move into the competitive world, you face many challenges voluntarily or involuntarily, so this is essential.

If you are a business, the loss can be even more significant. Therefore, you need to use online reputation management to increase brand reputation. You can use the following methods to achieve your reputation goal:

​What is ORM?

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management, and it means the reputation of your brand on the Internet. In many cases, you may encounter negative news or photos, blog posts, or adverse comments about your business or the products or services it offers. This is enough to damage your brand reputation and credibility online between the industry and customers. This means that your company's online business has disappeared. Therefore, companies need ORM. Online reputation management is the process of improving or restoring a brand's reputation on the Internet. Removes or harms news and negative comments about your online image.

ORM Role and Impact in Digital Marketing

Online Reputation Management (ORM) was developed to monitor and improve the appearance of your company online. This means researching and analyzing your potential customers, suppliers or partners who find content about your brand, users or products/services when you search on Google.

Make sure it's easy to find someone or your business on Google. About 90% of consumers read online reviews before working. When looking for it only on the Internet, they have different feelings about your business and the products they offer. Online reputation negatively or in no way seriously affects the success of a company (or person). Online reputation is a crucial thing, like closing deals, creating business partnerships and interacting with suppliers.

What Are Respective Goals of ORM and SEO?

The main objective of SEO is to increase the organic traffic to your website, improving the prominence of the site on the search engine platform. Conversely, for ORM, this means that SEO ends where it starts. ORM monitor how online users find your brand. The goal of ORM is to create brand confidence between potential customers and existing customers.

How to Improve Brand Reputation on the Internet:

Presence on All Pertinent Web Properties

Your company must already have at least one Google+, Facebook and Twitter account. If you operate in a highly competitive and vertical market, you may need to work actively on other social media sites. There are many websites available, some of which may be industry-specific. Many executives and employees of B2B, high-tech or professional companies may need to make their LinkedIn profile. Visual products may need to use Instagram and Pinterest. Also, most companies can benefit from some videos shared on sites like YouTube and others.

Make Social Media Presence

It is imperative to create a social media account. It is not enough that your company has an account/page on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. You also need to develop these accounts or pages too. Continuous development allows you to create social media accounts to interact with customers and escalate inspiration and participation. Otherwise, if someone starts posting negative information, those accounts may not be strong enough to go through your posts. I'm not sure how Google and Bing rate the power of social media accounts, but you can use some free-scoring tools to estimate your growth.

Post Original Content

People expect to find exceptional original content when searching for some information. That is why your company has a responsibility always to publish exclusive and useful content for people. The blogs you manage are essential to your online reputation. Regardless of the content, you post to your blog, and this will go a long way to increase your trustworthiness. So be especially careful and do your best to create and publish original, easy-to-read content.

Pay Attention to Your Customers' Complaints

When replying to online complaints or bad comments, carefully consider the vulnerabilities that may need to be addressed in the process, especially if you often receive negative feedback about specific issues. Suggest innovative ways to offer your customers what they want without friction. Many business processes affect the ridiculous or just utility services that customers feel forced to. Just because you can pressure people to pay more, but that doesn't mean you should. Think of it as a way to attract existing or potential customers from your competitors. Anyone who sees many complaints online can lose their business and recoup the irritating expenses you earn.

Backlink Your Content

To do this, you must first search for a domain name by adding your name or product name to the URL of the "About Us" page of the website. By mentioning your name, you tell Google Search Spider that the page is about you. Then link to the content. Get high-quality backlinks from reputable sites. Google will check the source of all links to your site. Check that all content is linked to your social media platforms and that you share content on these platforms. You can make the most of these social media materials by sending an email. Create unique, easy-to-read content as well as share it on your social media pages or accounts.

Invest Time and Money

Improving your online reputation management takes time and money. Most local small businesses either overlook active reputation management or do it themselves, as needed and based on uptime. If you are inexperienced in interacting with the online community, doing it yourself may not be enough; otherwise, it can aggravate potential problems. So invest. If you don't have time, don't know what to do or don't finish the job, hire someone.​

Wrapping Up

You understood that ORM and SEO are essential for a company, so they should not be considered equal. However, if something goes wrong, an ORM is required. Thus, the next time you evaluate your brand and find negative feedbacks, don't panic. Because now you know ways to increase your brand online reputation.

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