Your Guide to Making Amazing Hotel Brochures

Making Amazing Hotel Brochures- What’s the Secret?

Making Amazing Hotel Brochures

It is true that the digital presence of any organization is critical, so there is great demand for online hotel marketing materials. However, printed promotional materials are still held with high esteem by meeting planners and travelers. Handing out hotel brochures or rack cards can be a good alternative to driving visitors to the website every time they inquire about your business. With people increasingly believing in tangibility, brochure or flyer distribution in Sydney is at an all time high.

Here goes your guide to making amazing hotel brochures

Maintain the Quality

Modern day brochure distribution is not about distributing excessive number of brochures on a regular basis, it is about maintaining a healthy standard of quality. Whenever there are sales involved, what matters the most is trust. And, the average consumer still believes heavily in items they can touch. This is why maintaining a high-quality standard when manufacturing hotel brochures is critical. Investing in quality brochure design and copywriting to manufacture select printed pieces that best define the hotel experience on sale is as important as having a healthy hotel marketing presence online.

Create a Convincing Headline

In a recent study conducted by expert campaign managers of flyer distribution in Sydney it was discovered that most receivers of printed marketing materials choose to consume the content that they have been given only if it has a convincing and compelling headline. The top three inches of a hotel brochure is a crucial space and it should be used in a way that it instantly captures the consumers’ attention. The design team behind the brochure must understand the value of this space and think innovatively before finalizing a title. Some basic tips to do so would be– 

      • Using color combinations that are fast to draw attention of the reader
      • Design the title to be easily readable
      • Use simple text so that the general essence of the message is clear
      • Use bold font

      Use the headline space to sell an experience of living in a hotel. Think from the reader’s perspective.

      Maximize Use of HQ Photographs

      High Quality photographs have become an essential part of brochure distribution and design. Previously using high quality photographs was considered an unnecessarily expensive tool; however, the competitive nature of hotel industries in major cities has made this tool very important. It was recorded in a recent study that campaigns of flyer distribution in Sydney were only extremely successful for hotels that maximized the use of high quality photographs that clearly demonstrated the hotel experience in their marketing materials. Not doing so could result in missing out.

      Have Decisive Content

      Be well-defined when sending a message to the target audience. Use compelling content in the body to increase a brochure’s chances of being memorized in the minds of the receiver. Brochure distribution campaigns are all about brand building so make sure the body content of the brochure achieves this task.

      These tips have been used efficiently by expert conductors of flyer distribution in Sydney. Following these steps will definitely increase the chances of consumers appreciating a hotel brochure.

About the Author: Max Lambert

Max is a Sydney-based writer who has covered distribution, printing and technology with his blogs and articles. He is having Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and a Master of Arts degree in journalism from Sydney University. From last more than 5 years he is dedicatedly writing for flyer distribution and printing industry and helping small businesses in achieving their business goals with his creative writing skills and strong ability to write “call to action” script.

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