In 2020 the intense competition between brands has changed the way brands used to interact with their audience.

It’s not just about a simple logo change or changing the background color of the website, and there are branding trends that create a perception of brand among the customers.

This is important because, as a brand, it’s necessary to differentiate from your competitors. And branding is something that can get the job done naturally.

People of today are smart. They want brands to understand, listen, and make them happy before they even buy anything from the brand. That’s why it’s necessary to follow what is already working well in the market.

Let’s look at branding trends 2020 that will develop an excellent reputation for your brand among your target customers.

1. Personalize your brand

Customers relate to people, not products.

If people can relate to your brand in a customized manner, there is a good chance that people will trust you. Authentic relationships can sell more rather than just selling. Everyone loves a personalized experience.

People love stories. They can relate to these stories and find meaning in them. Be it an advertisement or social media post; if you’re not narrating your brand story, it might be difficult for you to gain the trust of customers.

While interacting with your brand, people want to feel a human connection. Mostly, businesses of today automate things just to post something. To an extent, this is okay, but the primary bond is human.​

2. Focus on online communities

One of the fastest ways to grow your brand online is to use branded communities. The forums provide a platform for consumers to discuss brand-related topics. This allows brands to understand customer’s needs without even trying to sell them anything.

3. Creative Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a sure-shot way to gain the attention of potential customers.

Regardless of the time and demographic customers will connect with your brand at any time. You must remain online for customers 24/7.

When a customer experiences a problem, they’ll contact your customer support. This will present you with an opportunity to connect with those customers. Exceptional customer service will take you a long way.

Excellent customer service will not only win the loyalty of the customer, and it will act as a key differentiator from your competitor.

What do customers feel when they use a product from Apple? How does purchasing a product from Amazon make them feel? ​

4. A Social Conscience is important

Some branding trends are temporary, while others like social conscience are permanent. Consumers want to believe that brands care about the same things that they do.

They want companies to care about the environment and can diversify and create new opportunities. The purpose is to demonstrate that the brand cares about their environment as much as people do—a sure-shot way to increase trust and loyalty for the customer.

The millennials believe that big brands have this ability to solve society’s biggest problems and create an emotional appeal for their target customer.

5. Think Mobile first

Mobile interaction is an evergreen trend that will either make or break the brand. It’s not a matter of choice anymore.

There’s a high possibility that online shopping, reading emails, and even taking tutorials is all done on a mobile phone. There mobile strategies that every brand must study and follow.

It’s no surprise that customers are on Mobile, and if you want to grab the attention of your target customer, you need to think about going mobile. Be it fonts, colors, and even the CTA, everything must be designed in a way that it should look good on Mobile.

If you don’t have a graphic designer on-board, hire a logo design company or a branding agency that can help you create mobile-first graphics.

6. Influencer marketing

Not a new trend, but this is still most effective. These days people believe in strangers when it comes to buying stuff online. That’s why social proof is something that forces companies to place testimonials on their website or display them on their social media pages.

When an influencer shares their experience regarding the brand, it builds trust among people. This helps them when the customer is ready to buy the product.

Finding an influencer is effortless these days. But what is essential is to find an influencer with the relevant niche because an influencer that doesn’t fit the product category will create less impact than the one who knows a bit or two about the product.

7. Focus on native display advertising

Display advertising is still a popular way to increase brand presence and make the customer feel that there is a brand that is giving them a solution to their problem.

Native display advertising is one-step higher than simple display advertising.

When placed correctly, display advertising can attract the right customer and develop a sense of trust among the customer. Native advertising attracts the target customers and brings them to a place where they intentionally buy products.

In native advertising, content is of vital importance. Because the content is not themed as per the locality, it will not create any impact at all.

8. Create attention-grabbing content

The consumers of today are smart. They want a brand that can understand them and help them in solving the problem. Through proper content, brands can quickly get the attention of the customer and build trust among the customers.

Producing valuable content is far more important than just creating daily content. The audience will always appreciate in-depth analysis and research. Everyone loves to read something that can move them at an emotional level.

Wrapping Up

Branding is not just a choice anymore. The competition out there is fierce. If you want to get your brand heard, you need to follow the trends and make the best use of it before your competitor steals your market share.

Alma Causey

About the Author: Alma Causey

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