Every new business must be visible on social media platforms since the most of the website traffic will come from there. In order to become recognizable and visited, your website should be designed well.

Besides that, you should focus on Search Engine Optimization since that’s the other half of online success. If you are not sure where to start, feel free to read the rest of this article. You’ll be able to find ways of earning extra cash once you got well educated about SEO.

Evaluate the situation regularly

Can SEO Knowledge Increase Your ProfitFor the past few years, a lot of changes take place in the SEO area. Google is releasing algorithm updates almost every year, and some strategies that were efficient in 2014 can harm your business in 2017. Because of that, you should read about new technologies and best ways of utilizing SEO. One of the biggest changes made lately concerns mobile users.

The half of all search inquiries are made on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, so Google started to give a better ranking to websites that are responsive. Because of that, you should consider redesigning your existing site in order to become more friendly for mobile users. If done right, those changes will increase your website traffic which will cause the increase in overall revenue and profit.

Research your competition

While working on your SEO strategy you should put some effort into spying your competition. Keep in mind that you don’t need to copy their content, but watch what they do. This way you’ll see what plays good for them, and on the other hand, you’ll see their mistakes so you’ll be in a position to avoid them before it’s too late.

Another good side of connecting with your competition is exchanging of consumers. People who spend money on your competitor’s website will probably find something interesting on yours as well. Because of that, get in contact with other businesses of your size and offer to post a guest article in their blog section. You should also let them do the same thing on your website. That way, your customers will combine and both of you will get bigger audience and traffic.

Gather all the info and make the strategy

After analyzing the data provided via online tools mentioned above, you should step back and start working on your online marketing strategy. Always think ahead when it comes to SEO. You don’t want quick fixes since those will keep you high in search results for a brief period of time and then you’re going to sink. Instead of that, you should make a strategy that will be „evergreen“, or at least last for two years. This way, you’ll spare yourself a lot of time, which you can spend on other stuff. You don’t want to revisit your online strategy every few months.

While thinking about tactics, you should have your potential customers in mind. Make sure to give them the best experience when they click on your link. The experts from Agseosydney recommend that you provide users with valuable product and high-quality content. After you’re done with that, you’ll see how your bounce rates decrease and conversion rates increase, causing better revenue and profit.

Research trends continuously

In the last few years, Google evolved from „keyword recognizer“ to the best „answer engine“. This means that your website will rank better if you offer answers in your content. Keep in mind that being just relevant won’t do the job, you’ll need to respond to questions instead. In order to do this properly, you should use analytics tools available online and those will assist you in tracking current online trends.

Make sure you work on your identity since biggest search engines would like to know who you are, where you are and what are you selling. If you want to position well in search results, make sure to provide all needed information about your business so Google will know where to put you. In order to maintain your online presence, you’ll need to focus on creating high-quality content. Keep in mind to work on your local SEO strategy as well since your business will start its growth from there.


Keep up with informing and educating in SEO area since that’s the best channel for your business promotion. If done right, you’ll be rewarded with better search results ranking and you’ll earn a lot of new customers which will help you scale your business. Keep in mind that good SEO strategy needs some time to give back the results, but once it starts it won’t stop. Your business will grow slowly and that’s the best way of maintaining it in the long run.

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