The pandemic brought about a surge in sales for e-commerce. The millions who had to stay at home spent heavily on online shopping.

But with new online shops emerging each day, how will your business catch the eye of consumers before they get digital eye strain?

Even as COVID-19 restrictions have slowly waned, online stores are here to stay. So, your ecommerce business needs to stand out! We have rounded up 6 fresh digital marketing campaigns that will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

1. Personalized SMS

Though SMS can be easily overlooked and seen as outdated, sending personalized text messages can make more impact than we could imagine. Several surveys about online market practices conducted during the pandemic have shown that consumers tend to make purchases because of a certain emotional connection they feel towards the shop or its products. In a way, investing in SMS campaigns makes your relationship with your consumers more personal. While other shops are having an email blast, have your own personalized SMS campaigns informing your customers of newly released products or sale promotions.

2. Loyalty Ecards

How many times have you gone to a spa or cafe and was given a loyalty card? And how many times did you actually come back because you wanted to take full advantage of this loyalty card? Giving discounts is one thing, but keeping your customers’ loyalty through an e-card is another.

Going back to the discussion we had earlier about emotional connection, loyalty cards tap customers’ emotions and sense of connection to your brand. While other shops try to attract consumers by giving discounts left and right, you can create a loyalty program that will not only generate single purchases but the continued and lasting attachment of your consumers to your shop. Not to mention, you can even obtain valuable data about your customers’ spending habits.

3. A new website design

Most often than not, we make lasting judgements about people the first time we see them. The same is true for business websites. Making a good impression is what a presentable website design brings and should certainly be included in your brand’s strategy.

Consumers only need a few seconds to make judgments about your brand based on how your website looks. For one, is the site easy to navigate? If not, chances are customers will close the window and move on to your competitor’s website. Attracting consumers’ attention using fun and new designs never fails. The faster consumers figure out how to navigate your website, the faster ROI for you. Website engagement is crucial for converting leads to purchases.

4. Organically obtained email subscribers

It has been proven that a mere $1 investment per consumer on email marketing can generate an average $45 return. Considered one of the most effective lead generation strategies, email marketing remains integral to ecommerce. But how do you put a new twist on a classic digital marketing approach?

Start with the most fundamental, that is, how do you put together your email list? While buying a list of emails may seem easier and faster, it may not lead to your desired results. This is because the connection between you and the consumer is lacking. In other words, organically obtaining your email list is a fresh marketing strategy you must take into consideration. Through a sign-up bar that you have placed in your newly-facelifted website, attracting people to sign up for your emails gets easier.

5. Working with influencers

While using Tiktok or Instagram for social media marketing should definitely be on your list, other strategies like influencer marketing can generate much-needed hype for your brand. Vloggers and other online celebrities have their own loyal following. The emotional connection they have built with their followers is already established.

Your goal is to tap and transfer this already available connection between the influencers and their followers to your brand and the influencers’ followers. The trust that these followers have for these celebrities can spill over to your business when you get the right influencer marketing strategy. Like in the previous digital marketing campaigns mentioned above, you must carefully pick the influencer you want in this campaign as your chosen influencer needs to reflect your company values and the interests of your consumers.

Final words

In a nutshell, you should aim not just to have an online presence but an effective digital presence. Digital marketing campaigns are your best friend. Email and SMS marketing are fail-proof digital marketing strategies if done the right way. Getting a facelift on your website design, starting a new loyalty program and working with influencers are other strategies you may consider. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, head to SEO Alien and start seeing your revenue hit the charts!

About the Author: Sophia Young

Sophia recently quit a non-writing job to finally be able to tell stories and paint the world through her words. She loves talking about fashion and weddings and travel, but she can also easily kick ass with a thousand-word article about the latest marketing and business trends, finance-related topics, and can probably even whip up a nice heart-warming article about family life. She can totally go from fashion guru to your friendly neighborhood cat lady with mean budgeting skills and home tips real quick.

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