Companies worldwide are using the power of social media to boost their sales. Using the ads feature is the easiest way to reach out and convert visitors.

Social media channels can be a great way to increase your business reach. Any business today isn't thriving without a social media presence.

How will an Instagram profile boost your e-commerce business

However, the use of social channels does not exactly generate sales and leads. Though they can generate leads and even convert them to sales if done properly.

But the prime purpose of advertising your business on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is to connect with the audience. So today, we will talk about how you can use Instagram for marketing and even make conversions.

Now, having conversions is dependent on several other factors, not just marketing on Instagram and other social media channels. But with proper marketing strategies, you can boost your business to new heights.

If you have an eCommerce website, marketing it on social media will benefit you immensely. In addition, there are many eCommerce development companies that can build you a great online store.

But they might not be able to help you with marketing. Many eCommerce owners face a common problem: reaching out to the target audience.

They have great products listed in their stores, but the ones who need those are far away from their reach. The majority of your potential audience is there on Facebook and Instagram.

In recent years, the number of Instagram users has soared compared to Facebook. Though both the platforms almost share the same users, what has exploded is the engagement on Instagram. On any given day, users spend a greater part of their time here.

Hence, with proper marketing, you can grab this set audience. There are currently 50 million active users on Instagram. Out of this, if you can target and convert a small percentage, it will be great for your business.

There are several eCommerce development companies that provide Instagram marketing services. You can contact such a company and partner with them.

But now, as you are here, we will look at the steps you can implement to make your Instagram marketing successful. However, as mentioned earlier, your focus should not be on getting sales when marketing here.

To get enough sales, the look of your product's landing page must be awesome. It is the place where the users will get redirected to. It's the place where they will actually get converted. So, be sure that your landing page creates interest and desire and shows the visitor a transformation after purchasing your product.

The steps to successfully market on Instagram:

Optimize your Instagram business profile

The bio on your profile is the one your audience first notices. So, make sure that it is relevant. When they visit your profile, you need to leave a great first impression on them. Here, the goal is to make them follow your profile.

Your profile name should also be catchy. Finally, the profile should have a visible logo of your brand. If you want to show yourself there, make sure you upload a great headshot.

Since Instagram bios are limited to 150 words, they should be to the point. Your business message should be there, and you can also include some emoji to represent your brand's personality. Finally, you must provide a link to your online store in the bio.

Using Instagram Ads

These are great ways to reach a potential audience without giving organic effort. Choose a particular product which you think is worth advertising at the moment. Ads are great for reaching your audience since Instagram is the one doing that. For example, even a mobile app development agency uses Ads. You need to invest and then watch your visitors getting converted. Also, it helps to increase followers who have just followed seeing the product ads. And, therefore you can ensure they are the right audience.

Creating Instagram stories with product links

This is the 'Swipe up' feature on Instagram stories, which lets users directly go to your online store with a swipe. First, you have to create stories with an appealing picture of the products. Now, this feature is available for profiles with over ten thousand followers. But don't worry if you lack followers, as the above step will solve it.

A shoppable Instagram feed

When you have a shoppable Instagram feed, people will engage more. Your feed should have a great product catalog linked to a Facebook Store. Create product images such that it integrates into people's life. A shoppable feed is a great way to convert visitors into buyers. You make it more convenient for them to browse your products.

Offer Instagram-only promotions

Carry out promotional ad campaigns with offers, discounts, and special prices mentioned on them. You can also provide giveaways and attract more potential visitors.

Use the right hashtags and killer captions

On top of any posts, use the relevant hashtags with a caption that stops people from scrolling. Of course, people will first notice the image, but the second thing their eyes are upon is the caption.


By following the above steps, you can boost your reach on Instagram and target a huge audience. Marketing on Instagram in 2022 is probably the best idea to reach out to customers through social media. cheap app development companies can also follow the above steps effectively market on Instagram.

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