Since the year 2003, WordPress has remained the number one (CMS) content management system.

There’s an avalanche of Web Designing platforms that have evolved to bring about competition, but WordPress stands out as the invincible.

Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best

WordPress features amazing and captivating features that produce impeccable endeavors on the Web.  Conducting any online business necessitates the WordPress application because it is a paramount hallmark for websites; it satisfies all the specifications for transcending well on Search Engines like Google. About 25% of all websites employ WordPress, and the rationale for this is explained in this article.

  1. It is an International Web tool

An enormous number of Internet user’s own websites with WordPress on Planet Earth. This is advantageous to multi-national website owners, as well as those who inhabit remote regions of the globe. WordPress has remarkable tools that accommodate almost any language.

  1. Simplified Customization

During the process of Web Designing, additional attributes are required to make your website look professional. WordPress comes in as a solution for this by encoding the content into the right designs. All you need is just a little knowledge of the Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML).

The simplicity of WordPress enables people to go online and publish their contents quickly. There is no roadblock to making your posts known to the whole world because WordPress is meant to make it real. Any kind of website can be created, be it a business blog, personal blog, a magazine, or anything and the formatting of these contents becomes straight forward.

  1. It is Dynamic

The features of WordPress keep on improving constantly. Some time back when Internet technology was still lagging behind, accessing a website was a huge problem. You had to browse on large computers, which is not the case today.

WordPress advances with technology, and there exist limitless options of what you can do using this Web Designing podium with the many plugins available. It allows the access of web pages on almost any device like the iPad, iPhone, and mobile phones without a single restriction if at all the device is viable. This Web tool is able to accommodate a wide spectrum of screens.

  1. Exhibits built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process that enhances the ranking of Search Engines. This is one of the greatest reasons why people love WordPress. A little tweaking on your website will render it potentially ranked on Google automatically. This will help you improve your optimized posts accordingly.

  1. Numerous features

· Themes

The number of themes for customizing your blogs and other online applications is plenty on WordPress. For a specific website need, only one theme is chosen from the many options.

· Multi-media hosting

WordPress is developed in a way that you can comfortably improve your online experience by adding multimedia files such as videos and images.

· Publisher tools

These are prerequisites for Web Designing because you have to draft your work, plan for publication, and review your posts before you make them public.

· Security plugins

For optimal workability of a blog or website, security is needed. There are default plugins on WordPress that enhance the security of your blogs. Security is a huge concern for any kind of online business, and with WordPress, you are assured of that. Pages and posts are secured by passwords, and you get to decide whether they go public or private.

  1. Easy management

The usage of WordPress is not complicated due to the automatic updating system. The system informs you about an upcoming plugin or theme for greater efficiency. Being up-to-date will make your online business more competitive and improve your online experience.

Maintenance of your website becomes easy because the salient features of WordPress are comfortable, and you can incorporate any operation into your website. You don’t need extensive Web Designing skills as you manage your blogs and web pages. Features like JetPack help you make "geeky" things simple as well.

Editing, deleting, and the addition of any information does not require technical know-how on this peerless Web platform.

  1. Immense Community Support

The number of active WordPress users worldwide is bountiful. This is because WordPress is an open CMS and as a result, a ton of people can teach on its usage. The vibrant community of users is such a prolific support system because you can never get stuck; all you have to do when you meet a challenge is ask online help or reach out to a close friend who uses WordPress.

WordPress is undoubtedly the top blogging platform. This is also due to the fact that the software is completely free, plus the other custom plugins. Some advanced themes and plugins have to be bought, but their costs are more feasible and lower than the other website development software. Did you know that hiring a technical web designer can cost you a fortune? The most affordable way of Web Designing is applying WordPress.


About the Author: Abegail Louise Acosta

Abegail can zest up your showcasing effort with the substance she makes and executes marketing plans, together with ConvertBetter, a SaaS company, envisions to simplify technology integrations and innovation.

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