In the bare form, any website is merely a sole domain which comprises of various web pages.

Businesses that do not have an online presence or website are lacking something really important and losing a lot of business opportunities.

Creating a Web Design with the Right Design
A website itself can be utilized for accomplishing various marketing strategies for growing a business.

Being a business owner, one needs to know where exactly their consumers are.

Yet what if customers know about one’s business as well as what they offer yet fail to reach them? So, this is a big risk that one may take via not having a business website. 

These days, one cannot have any recognizable brand devoid of an online presence. For having a prominent presence online, they will require a web design that is memorable and will stand out.

Ways in Which the Right Web Design Will Take a Brand to a Succeeding Level

First impressions indeed count, and though one must not be judging a book via its cover at times, this is unavoidable.

This first impression especially when customers visit one’s site will help in defining whether they are ready in doing business with them or not. Should they fail in finding what they are on the lookout for immediately or takes a long time to load, the prospective customer definitely will move on.

Web design in the true sense is much more compared to a page’s look but encompasses the efficiency and functionality of the navigation of the site. In some way, web design is akin to architecture. One will lay the foundation of that which will turn into a larger structure.

It is the design of one’s website that will allow one in mapping out how they desire their customers in interacting with their business and including everything from what services/products they desire to showcase to buying on their website.

With the help of good web design, one is capable of taking their consumers via a journey thereby making their experience online more enjoyable.

Also having a presence online will help one in transferring their information into the mobile format. While doing so, they will make their business more accessible to consumers. In fact, all such things will offer one with endless chances of reaching their consumers and growing their business. But it is not that easy like it sounds. For this hiring, a good web designer from a reputable company such as BlackGrid Media is a must.

6 Types of Website Designs

When you hire a credible web designing company, they will offer you with the following types of web designing solutions namely,

1) Static Web Design- If one has a small website, static web design is the way to go. This is sans server-side functionality as well as no interactive content or database. It is ideal for a small website which does not require content or complex features. A static website can be made to appear really impressive with content and stylish graphics. The best part about these sites is it is affordable, faster and easier to design as well build yet is still stylish and professional.

2) Basic Brochure Website- This is ideal for low budget, small businesses, and individuals. A professional yet simple site which serves as an advert or brochure will have just 1-5 pages and generally use a common format;

  • Contact Us- This will have a contact form, location map, email/telephone/address
  • Links – Some resource links
  • Services- Different pages for different services offered
  • Philosophy/About Us- Who one is, their values and their credentials.

3) Advanced Static Website- This is ideal for medium or small businesses and can be made better through web design features for making the same appear interesting, stylish and slick including an image gallery, social network plugins, news page, multimedia audio/video, flash content, animated jQuery effects, and drop-down navigation.

4) Dynamic Website Design- This is ideal for complex and large sites. It uses databases and server-side programming for storing and delivering the content. Dynamic web designs allow pages in performing complex functions and displaying interactive content and complex data. It is indeed a standard means by which big sites are designed because it makes including a huge number of pages on that same template easily.

5) CMS Website- For anyone that desires in making frequent updates/changes or need complete control over their site can opt for a CMS website. Content Management System can be part and parcel of any form of the site. Resting on one’s needs, it can be that simple as having the ability to add new things on an image gallery or a news page or what one sees is what they get control on the content present on every page. The leading web designers will work with their clients for developing a bespoke site as well as CMS solution which suits their requirements. They can offer as little or much control over their client’s site as they need. Besides they will happily update any site, they design for clients either on an ad-hoc basis or scheduled basis.

6) eCommerce Sites- In case of any business that earns money through their site via offering premium online services or selling products from online stores, e-commerce websites are the right choice. It can include anything and everything from PayPal integration for selling few goods in the online store where PayPal looks after the complete stock-management and checkout process to self-contained, large shops that process the payments of credit card securely for countless items.

The e-commerce websites are always almost database driven and dynamic and generally possess for clients the provision of adding new items and updating stock levels, images, descriptions, and prices from an admin system that is dedicated. At times some features of this site will indeed be integrated to various forms of sites such as a musician/band may have a site with information, news and images regarding their music yet also possess the ability to sell that same music like a digital download.

To Sum it All Up

And there you have it, 6 of the most common business website designs available. So, which one will be your pick?

About the Author: Sujain Thomas

Sujain is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites.

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