​The world of website design has changed a bit in the last few years. There are various new factors which affect the website design like Content management, Social media, video, mobile devices.

All these factors are really important and must be taken in account to build an effective website.

Website Design and Development

 The basic factors which are common and affects the website design is right domain name, website layout, navigation, content, call to action and keywords. All these are the basic factors which affect the website ranking on search engines. In this article, it is discuss the basic SEO factors and new factors that should consider while designing and developing an effective website.

Basic SEO Considerations While Designing Websites

  • Selecting right domain name and URL: Selecting a correct URL is important as it affects search engine rankings. Therefore, the URL you select must be search engine friendly and user friendly. A relevant and effective URL is a URL that includes company name as well as keyword. This type of URL is easy to remember for the users and is easily understandable to the search engines as well. An example of a Good URL and Bad URL mentioned below will help you understand more clearly: 

Good URL:
Bad URL:

  • Website layout: The real estate of your website is very important as it is the first impression of your business in front of users. Don’t make your website look clutter by adding too much of information. Your website should have an inviting and appealing design which grabs attention of the users. Besides this your site must be professionally designed and fulfill the needs of audience. 
  • Keywords: While creating the content, consider the keywords which are extremely relevant as search engines use these keywords to display the search results. But you should also keep in mind that you don’t over stuff these keywords in your content. Add keywords in the content organically. In other words, it should not insert into the content forcefully as search engines consider it as a spam technique and will penalize you for it. 
  • Navigation: Poor navigation is the main reason responsible for loss of customers. If the visitors can’t find the information they are looking for on your site quickly, then they will go somewhere else to search that information. Therefore, make your navigation simple and strong, so that the visitors can search the required information on the website easily and quickly. Categorize your menus properly and systematically to make the navigation more simple. 
  • Call to action: Your website will consider useless if the visitors don’t convert into customers. To make your site effective and to increase the conversion rate add call to action buttons on your site. These buttons will help to raise the conversions from your site as these help you get the information or contact details about your potential customers. These buttons can “start your free trial”, “fill out the form”, “download now”. Make use of these buttons in your website design and increase conversion rate. 

 New Considerations for Website Design

  • Video: Earlier, the company having a video was considered as a novelty, but now it has become the most effective tool to share your story on the web. Your company story can place on YouTube, which is then watched by the people on search engines (about the company they want to interact with). Besides this, the video can embedded on your website and distributed on Facebook page and print media through QR codes. 
  • Social media: Social networking sites are widely used across the world. Therefore, using social networking sites has become important for all businesses. Social media help build long-term and strong relationships with your customers. Maintaining relationships with your customers has made it important for business to focus and include on social plug-ins in their web development. Besides this, it is also important to integrate social media buttons on your site to make sharing easier. 
  • Content Management: “Content is the king”…so it is important to create and add new and fresh content for website. Earlier, the websites was create and managed by programmers, but in recent years, many frameworks like WordPress and Drupal have developed into effective tools for companies to maintain their websites by their own. While it is still important to hire experts to design and develop your site, but you are not at all beholden to programmers or developers to add new content to your website or to make some minor updates. 
  • Mobile: The way people interact with your website is another biggest reason which affects website design and development. Those days have gone, when people use to open websites using desktop or display of 1024 X 768. Now, due to advancement in technology and internet, people have mobile. People now use to open your website using various devices, which differ in screen sizes and resolutions. Therefore, you have to create a responsive site, which is compatible to every device. 

Summary: Considering all the above factors will help you create an effective website. Your website must be designed and developed in such a way that it conveys the message, detail your services and can be accessed easily.

Alderic Fresco

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