Video marketing is becoming influential on the beat. The company marketers or digital marketing agencies in India (or across the globe) have already moved to using full-on video for marketing their products and brands. The ignition behind this trend is that more than 80% of the businesses believe that they will fetch good ROI with video marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends

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From the 1960s we are used to watching videos, that time it was in the form of traditional commercials shown on TV; today it is YouTube, Facebook Live, Snapchat etc. Statistics even suggest that one-third of the online activity is devoted to watching videos online. Most of the people around the globe spend around 2 hours daily in watching videos.

While being handy and effectual for the customers, video marketing provides an alluring, flexible and partible means to reach to the customers and audience. Following are some highlights of data and statistics surrounding video marketing and user behavior around it.

  • Nearly 50% people watch video on their mobile device.
  • Videos of (and up to) 2 minutes get the most engagement.
  • By 2019, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will account for videos.
  • Simply mentioning the word ‘video’ increases the click rate by 13%.

Thus it is clear that for businesses looking to increase their marketing, the video is the way to go. But before that, you need to know about where and how to distribute these videos.

Social Media Videos on Social Media:

Videos are consumed the most on social media and the audience on social media is the most interested one. Businesses really have great opportunities here to attract the target customers by creating brand awareness in no time and thus driving the traffic to their websites or apps.

But that’s not all, you need to create an engaging and short video. People will drop interest in watching a 10-15 min long video. Hence it should be short as in 1 or 2 min and to the point.

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Videos on Homepage:

If the videos from social media are bringing the traffic to your homepage, then the videos on your homepage will act as a medium for call-to-action or seal the deal. Studies depict that adding videos on the homepage can increase the conversion chances by 80%. Also, it is proven that selling can be done better by showing rather than telling.

A social media video can grab the attention of the target customers but the homepage video should have testimonials, tutorials, interviews etc to build the trust. Such videos should last from 90sec to 4 min. Hence a good deal more should be conveyed on the homepage video and never should it be the same as the social media video.

Now that we understand where to put the videos, let me shed some light on the reasons behind video marketing becoming a hot topic.

Video Amplifies Conversion and Sales:

Increase the Conversion Chances

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Videos work very well regardless of the business you deploy it for. Researchers have shown that customers who watched an explanatory video about products afterward purchased the product. If a picture can boost your customer engagement, then just imagine what can a video do to your business.

Video exhibits terrific ROI:

Even though the video is not yet the cheapest or easiest way of marketing, it still pays off a big league. Today, even with mobile phones we can create decent videos. The good news is that even if the video is not awesome, it’s the content of the video that matters the most.

Video builds the trust:

Trust is the foundation of sales and building trust with your customers is a goal in itself. Rather than telling about your brand, tell people useful information so that they will come to you. A video does this job perfectly.

The people watching YouTube are the most powerful ones to promote your brand. Hence if you are taking your content marketing way seriously, you need to draft a strategy for video marketing as well.

Google is a video lover:

Videos allow you to make your visitor spend more time on your website. Thus, more time spent indicates the search engines that your website has good content. Thus the chances of getting in Google’s first list increase with embedding video.

Since Google owns YouTube, hence make sure that you optimize your videos on it for SEO. If you don’t have the right SEO team, you can hire SEO services in India or abroad depending on your target market. Don’t forget to add an appropriate call-to-action link to your website, product page or services page.

Rise of Mobile Video

Image source: dreamgrow

Mobile video:

YouTube has reported that mobile video views have increased 100% with each passing year. Since the Smartphone has become a daily need, people tend to watch videos on the mobile. Thus the video watching audience for your brand gets bigger and bigger.

Mobile users are most likely to connect to brands compared to those watching on desktops or laptops.

Video marketing explains it all:

Isn’t it obvious that when you launch a new product or service, a video can explain everything about it better than a written article or post? Most of the businesses that have explanatory videos about their new products and services find it an effective way to succeed.

Create nice animated videos rather than boring talks because animated videos are the perfect combination of simplicity and fun. But make sure that it conveys a thorough knowledge of your product or service.

Take Away:

The video is the new trend emerging in digital marketing and as we know that a picture is a thousand words. Now you can yourself imagine what effect will a video of pictures leave on your audience? Won’t it compel them to buy the product or take the service?

Create an engaging, fun-filled video for social media and an enlightening video explaining the product or services for your homepage; these two basic steps will unequivocally yield the desired results.

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