It’s never too late to start preparing. As a smart business, you should always be up-to-date.

Most importantly, you should be creating and distributing compelling content through your social media to make the best use of it.

Social Media Content Marketing Trends

Here are 4 social media content marketing trends to watch out for in 2020:

1) Increased Investment Towards Social Media

Social media is not going anywhere – if anything it’s staying for a long while – so you should start on investing and increasing your social media budgets. Social media is a great form to increase brand-awareness and consumer-engagement.

Cross-promoting the same content on every platform is no longer enough. Nowadays, to see an increase in leads, sales, and traffic, companies are hiring influencers to represent their brand in hopes of better exposure. Influencers are the new way of marketing your business – they are looked up by thousands or even millions of people, and they create content to keep their audience engaged through every channel.

2) More Mobile-Ready Content

Nowadays most people are using their smartphones and tablets on the go. Because it is easier, quicker and convenient – consumers spend most of their time on their phones or tablet. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are the top 10 most mobile used apps to date. As a brand, it’s essential to focus on creating content specifically for the small screen. Mobile-ready content should be simple, with few keypresses required to engage with it.

3) Incorporate Video Content and Use Strong Visuals

Visuals. Visuals. Visuals. We can’t stress enough about how important your visual content is. Visual content is more engaging and has greater effectiveness than non-visual content. I mean, really, would you rather read 5 pages of just words or look at an informative visual picture with only a few words?

Figure out what types of visual content works best for your brand. Then sit down and plan ahead on what visual content would be the most appealing and exciting for users. Make sure you are using higher quality visuals and using video as a source of content in your social media marketing strategy.

Video Created with AdLaunch

4) Live Video and Real-Time Content

We are seeing this everywhere! It’s not only Snapchat where you can now live video and send real-time content; but Instagram, Facebook, has finally emerged into it too! You can officially do a face-to-face with your audience – while creating a more personable feed. Your audience can join you during events and/or actually get answers to questions quickly with just a quick 5 to 10-minute live stream.

Wrapping it all up:

Are you ready to take on these social media content marketing trends next year? These are 4 crucial trends you should totally incorporate into yours in order to be fully successful.

About the Author: Usman Raza

Usman is the co-founder of Christian Marketing Experts and marketing specialist at He has been writing for magazines and newspapers since 2001, and editing and managing websites since 2006. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family.

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