Know everything about the tips about social media marketing using Quora and how marketers can use Quora to establish the name of their company.

Social media marketing has always been about Facebook and Twitter. But, they don’t allow you to connect with users for a one-to-one conversation. So, if you want to answer the questions of your customers directly, the best way out is Quora. Be it, any type of business or other reasons, Quora can help your company to deliver answers to people with relevant queries. In fact, Quora has a tremendous opportunity to connect with a humongous audience. Today, it is gaining a lot of attention from marketers and they are realising its potential. So, how should any company use Quora for their social media marketing strategies? Why should they choose Quora? Keep reading to know the answers to these questions.

Why marketers should use Quora?

People have always used Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for the purpose of marketing. But, Quora is the new reigning queen now. But, what is Quora all about?

Quora is a social network platform. It is actually aimed at fostering knowledge sharing.

According to Alexa, Quora has a rank of 47 in the U.S and a global rank of 95. Also, 58.5% of visitors come from only two countries i.e. the U.S. and India.

Quora is actually the best way to find out more about your current and potential user base. This information can give direction on how to develop your future content too. One can answer questions on Quora related to your industry and prove their company’s expertise. This can also improve your company’s brand image. Besides, you can provide new perspectives about looking at any problem and influence people. So, how can you do social media marketing through the social platform called Quora?

Want to know some Quora marketing tips?

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a master of Quora. Some social media marketing tips on Quora can guide you about how to get the best of it. Let’s take a detailed look at these.

1.   Knowing your viewers

Knowing the audience is the most important part of any social media marketing campaign. The main goal of marketing via Quora is to gain exposure for your company and influence people. Moreover, Quora makes this easy through the stats for the number of times an answer has been viewed. It also shows the specific users who have viewed your answers.

The “# views” can actually tell you how many answers have reached your answer. The Quora analytics including personal views page can give you a total assessment of who have gone through your answers. In other words, it can give an idea about which avenues will give you the most coverage.

1.   Asking questions from your audience

The best thing about Quora is that it can engage and connect anyone. This can include influencers, peers and customers too. One must take advantage of this golden opportunity on a social media platform like Quora to ask questions to specific members of the community.  This can aid in building a rapport with them. Besides, one of the most important about Quora marketing strategies is to join the party thereby asking questions too. This can not only help you to gain useful feedback and ideas but also make you a better member of the community.

2.   Importance of Editing and Formatting

What is more disturbing than reading answers that are poorly worded? In fact, most of the readers who face vague and irrelevant answers prefer to ignore them. This can actually destroy the whole purpose of gaining an audience via social media marketing on Quora. Thus, one must make sure to edit or write a response in a serious manner. This is how you can actually create a positive impression on the readers and gain their trust. However, formatting and adding links are also crucial parts of writing perfect answers. Let’s see how.

  • Formatting: One must make full use of Quora’s text editing tools for formatting any answer. Also, readers will like more presentable answers. So, breaking down a long post into a numbered list or bulleted points will always be a good idea. This will help in easy reading and browsing. Further, formatting your text through bold or italics can be useful for emphasizing some parts.
  • Adding links: Links will make your answers look more authentic and well-researched too. Also, links on Quora are automatically updated to show the title of the destination page. Besides, you must also edit your links in such a way that they are a part of sentences are not explicitly mentioned.

1.   Effect of adding pictures

Well-chosen photos are enough to support the points of your answers. In fact, this is the single thing that many top Quorans use to make their audience understand in a better manner. Creating unique images for each of your posts will require a lot of efforts but will surely be worth it. Moreover, the first photo in a post you include in your post must be able to draw readers towards your post. This is because the first images appear as a thumbnail for your post in a list of posts.

Good images will entice your readers to click your post and read what you have to convey. Besides, you can also link your figures and facts to any reference source. These reference sources can include a blog post or whitepaper containing related information. This linking will eventually drive build traffic from Quora for your websites.

1.   Getting more upvotes on Quora

One must answer questions as soon as possible when questions are posted. This is because users who have freshly asked the questions will be eager in reading answers soon. Thereby, you can engage with your readers and target them in a better way. Moreover, having genuine and relevant answers is necessary for this. Nobody likes reading plagiarized answers.  Also, you must spend some time to read your responses and value your readers.

2.   Staying away from answer collapse

You must have noticed “Answers collapsed” quite often on Quora. Such answers are hidden due to a lot of reasons:

  • If there are a huge number of downvotes for your answer.
  • If you don’t improve your answers as suggested by the moderator in a time-bound manner.
  • If you don’t use a real name for your account verification purposes.

So, issues like these need to be addressed before it hampers your social media marketing goals. In fact, you must check your notifications on a regular basis for fixing any urgent issues. Also, It can be a win-win situation if you link your Quora accounts with other social media platforms for verification purposes.

1.   Being genuine

Though it might be tempting to give sarcastic and condescending answers, one must not be like that with their readers. That is why being genuine is a necessary trait for achieving the goal of social media marketing. As you will be representing your company through Quora, you must be careful of your actions. So, each action of yours can reflect on your company’s level of customer care. In fact, nonsensical and irrelevant answers will be collapsed by moderators. 

However, answers that are well-crafted and genuine will build the reputation of your company. In fact, it can even generate leads. What is more interesting that people with a substantial number of followers will be an asset for you? This is because the upvotes of your answers are promoted to all of their subscribers too.

Signing off…

Quora is the new platform for helping you implement your marketing strategy. Though Facebook and Twitter have always helped digital marketers to engage their audience, one must not neglect other powerful platforms like the Quora. But, digital marketers must pay special attention to the notifications they receive after any question.   In fact, there must be some level of frequency in answering the questions of your end users. It helps in building trust with them. Also, business accounts must have a personal touch to their answers. They must use simple and user-friendly language. Sounding like a robot or chatbot will definitely be a red signal and it may lead to loss of valuable users.

In other words, if you want to create a loyal user base and promote your brand name, take full advantage of this resource. So, why not go and choose to answer on Quora now?

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