Business Rookies Checklist in Setting Up a New Website

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The offer for website development services around the web nowadays is becoming overwhelming. When you own a business, you know you are going to need a good website.

However, you may need to look into a number of considerations such as how to select the most right developer or is there any list of things to follow to differentiate good services from the bad ones. In this post, we’ll outline four of the most important things that you must know while setting up a new website.


Setting up a good looking website is very much easy with the aid of correct tools like Drupal or WordPress. Someone who has basic skill can actually do it as most of these tools are completely user-friendly. This is actually a big help for most web developers however what is commonly overlooked by the neophytes is that running such kind of systems would need a solid maintenance and an ample amount of work.

Websites are prone to a number of security risks. Considering that they are widespread, they become common targets for hackers, putting thousands of installations for a certain version at risk. Thus, constant updating or patching is very important. Putting security on top of your priorities is just as ideal as without good security— you can never expect your website to flourish.


A website is like a blank sheet of paper, at first, it would be plain and unattractive. To make it appealing, you must put good contents on it. It should possess some fundamental elements like various graphics, logo, navigation menu, categories of contents, forms and many others. The contents must be filled up and managed accordingly.

If you think you need to make changes or add contents all by yourself, you may need a website that has an administrative backend that will allow you to log in and manage contents without much difficulties.

Sure, you do not want to go deeper on HTML pages. Having a good CMS or Content Management System will be helpful to let you concentrate on the contents alone and not on the technical aspect of the website.


If you want your website to look stunning and obtain a competitive online presence, you must have it designed by a professional web designer. The rate is going to matter, of course, but know that there are a good number of freelance web designers that offers their service at a very affordable pricing scheme.

The price may depend according to the extent of the work that must be done. If you need an eCommerce website, then think of spending something big as this kind of site may require intensive work. Now if you are just an entrepreneur who wants to plainly display contact details and some important information about your brand, then it may cost you a little bit lesser.

Search Engine Optimization

Having your website not to show in SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages is completely irrelevant. If you want to make your website meaningful and effective, you should consider about getting people that could help you about the undercurrents of SEO. Mainly, with the internet’s growth and its business implications, the utilization of SEO is no brainer.

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