Get more SEO-Juice with"explainer videos"! Learn more about what they are and the best ways to use explainer videos for your SEO.

Content constantly changes within SEO niche, but some things remain the same; backlinks. One of the best ways of getting links all the time is by constantly inventing something new. One of the relatively new concepts is called explainer video.

So what are these "explainer videos"?

Explainer videos are used for explaining complex terms, product uses, benefits, services, etc. of your business on your blog. They can also go together with the text of your blog posts, but you can also use them solo, such as in a category you could call tutorials.

Why Were Explainer Videos Invented?

"Ultimately, images are much easier to digest than words."

Basically, people no longer react to written content. I mean, they do just not in the same fashion as they did previously. In order to attract their attention, you have to create animated content. Ultimately, images are much easier to digest than words. Although I tend to say that videos are more for younger generations, it seems that “older” generations also react better to them.

According to a research, visitors spend just 15 seconds on a site on average. If there are videos on the page, they might spend several minutes more captivated by video content.  Just by having some sort of animation on your company’s blog, you are likely to increase your traffic and SEO stats several-fold.

Common Mistakes When Creating Explainer Videos

The biggest mistake when it comes to videos

I would say that the biggest mistake when it comes to videos for your business (or brand), is not having them on your website.  A lot of people tend to forget that the best way of utilizing this content is by having it on your website. It needs to improve rest of your content helping your overall marketing in the process. Instead, the owner of that website may have separate YouTube channel that has nothing to do with his/hers blog.

Like with everything else on the Internet, it is necessary to unify your message. For example, even though your video may be posted on YouTube, you should first place it on your website. If a person reaches the video from YouTube, it is necessary to link to your website so he/she can also visit your pages.

The second big mistake is not modifying your video content.

Basically, everything you do is part of your brand. When a user sees your video, image or page, he or she needs to tell that this is a part of your business. Site owners will start spamming videos without any previous knowledge or preparation. Some of them will think that all is good as long as animated explainer exists. But if a person cannot connect the video to your website, it will hinder your message.

An individual needs to remember your brand so he/she can find it later on YouTube or through Google Search Engine. The best way to do this is by spreading your brand message through the video so it’s clear it belongs to your company.

Things You Have To Know When Creating Explainer Videos

As I said, the best thing you can do is properly prepare for video creation. It requires some planning and preparation and it would be foolish to rush things given that low-quality vids can pull down all your content and jeopardize your pages.

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Explainer Videos

  1. Explainer videos (and videos in general) are hot in 2017

Video content is something you must do. According to everything we’ve seen, they will likely increase in popularity as the time goes by. In fact, it isn’t farfetched that video will completely replace classically written content in the next 10 years.

  1. Why are you’re creating them

Just because you don't believe that you need video marketing, doesn’t mean you should create random stuff. They need to work in unison with the rest of your content. Have in mind that the ultimate goal of any content creation is to sell your product or service. If something doesn’t help, you need to change it so it does.

  1. Quality Explainer videos are a great way of ranking in Google

Google loves useful information and guides. They are always trying to share knowledge and improve users’ experience. Due to nature of explainer videos, they are just the thing people require. As such, by having high-quality videos on your page, you are increasing the potential of ranking among top 10 results for a keyword.

If you haven’t started creating explainer videos for your website, begin immediately! In the end, they are the future.

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