Non-Profit Websites

5 Tips for Turning Website Visitor Into Donors

The website for a not-for-profit organization can prove to be a vital fundraising tool. There are two important considerations to bear in mind when it comes to making the most of your not-for-profit organization's website in the fundraising arena.

First, you need to get prospective donor to your website in the first instance. This is the subject of discussion for another day.

Second, when you get a visitor to your website, you need to employ appropriate tactics to turn that individual into a donor. There are five tips to bear in mind to effectively assist you in turning a website visitor into a donor to your nonprofit.

1. Make It Easy to Donate

One of the most important tips to keep in mind when it comes to converting a website visitor into a donor to your nonprofit is making it easy for a person to make a donation. You can make it easy for a person to donate to your nonprofit via your website by setting up a specific page dedicated to donating.

The dedicated donation page needs to contain thorough and yet succinct information about your organization. You also should include information on that page about how a donation will be utilized. In the alternation, you may want to provide a visitor with the ability to select how he or she would like his or her donation utilized.

In addition to establishing a dedicated donation page, you will want to commit part of the home page to the donation process. You should include a button at that homepage description that links directly to the donation page for more information. You should also include button that permits a visitor to make a donation directly from the homepage.

Speaking of donation buttons, you will want to place a donation button on all pages of your not-for-profit organization's website. You don't want to overwhelm a visitor with donation buttons. However, if something on your organization's website sparks a visitor's interest, you will want to be sure that person can make a donation as easily (and quickly) as possible. You have them in the moment and you don't want that moment to pass.

2. Make It Safe to Donate

You must make certain that your nonprofit website, and anything associated with it, creates a safe environment for your visitors. This is vital if you have a goal to turn visitors into donors (which you likely do if your website is for a nonprofit organization).

You need to keep in mind that the media as been filled with reports about security breaches at major retailers. The Facebook privacy issues have been reported far and wide. Visitors nearly always come to your website with these issues in mind.

When adding a donation portal at your website, you should utilized a reputable and better-known service provider. Better known, reputable payment services include:

    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • 2CheckOut
    • WePay
    • Dwolla

These services are listed not as specific recommendations. Rather, they are provided to give you an idea of digital or online payment services that have proven track records for overall safety and reliability. These can serve as a starting point in your nonprofit's own search for a reputable, reliable, and safe donation portal for your website.

3. Inspire a Visitor

Another tactic you will want to employ at your nonprofit website to turn a visitor into a donor is to inspire a person while at your site. Certainly, statistics about the work or successes of your organization can be helpful and provided. With that noted, more often than not, what truly proves inspiration for a prospective donor is a true story about your organization. For example, if your organization is in the human services arena in some way, the story of an individual assisted by the work of your organization can be compelling and inspiring.

4. Present Existing Donors

Another tip to bear in mind to convert visitors into donors is to present of list existing backers. This can serve a dual purpose. Some people who donate to a cause appreciate recognition of being noted on a website. In addition, prospective donors have a tendency to give when they see others have as well.

5. Present Results from Donations by Others

Finally, you can encourage a visitor to donate by presenting some basic information about how the money contributed by others has been used in the past. You can utilize this information as means of asking a potential donor how he or she might like to see donation utilized.

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