Many websites use search engine optimization but the ones who benefit from them the most are e-commerce websites. E-commerce websites thrive when customers purchase their products, but for that to happen, they first need to reach their audience and share what they have to offer. SEO helps your website rank higher in search engines which can give you the boost your site needs.

In this article, we discuss five essential aspects you need to cover when you optimize your e-commerce website.

Critical SEO Considerations

Compelling product description

Since you are marketing your products on the internet, you need to provide your potential customers with a description of your product. Moreover, without a text description, you might as well say goodbye to your chance of having a high SEO ranking.

Writing a product description does not mean just listing down its features and be done with it. Although features are indeed a vital piece of information to add, you should put more focus on the benefits those features bring. That way, the data becomes more relevant to onlookers.

Most importantly, when creating your product descriptions, it is best that you keep your content unique. If you want to maximize your SEO efforts, here are some things you might want to consider:

  • Write helpful product descriptions that aid customers to make a purchasing decision. Eliminate information that is not important or relevant.
  • Write your content. You get a lower search engine ranking if you imitate the content from other websites.
  • Write within the acceptable word count. Too little or too many words may cause damage to your site.

Lack of customer reviews

With the number of sellers online, retailers need to find something that can set them above everyone else. If you find yourself in the same boat, online reviews could do it for you. Customer reviews help build your customer’s trust in your brand as well as build your reputation.

Giving the customers an option to leave reviews is one thing but getting them to create a review is another matter. You can send a friendly email to customers who have recently purchased your product and gently encourage them to leave a review so you can improve the product or your operations. You can also offer them some benefits such as special promos or discounts if they review your product as extra motivation.

Customers look for customer reviews or ratings before ultimately deciding whether they should purchase or not. Having customer reviews can significantly impact the purchasing decision of potential consumers, so you better get on with it.

Keyboard friendly URLs

Optimizing your URLs is one of the most effective ways to bump up the size of your audience in a straightforward way. To get your best chance to rank high in search engine results, you have to clean up your URL structure. Keep your URL as simple as possible; eliminate all joining words such as “and,” “the,” or “a” and remove all words that do not describe your content. The simpler it is, the easier for search engines to find your website.

Duplicate contents

Duplicate contents are parts of a website that appears on the Internet in at least two times. Every page has its URL, which distinguishes it with any other web pages. But if it appears in other web addresses, that’s a case of duplicate content. For search engines, duplicate contents will give it different issues. One issue is that it will confuse the search engine on what web page will they include in their index.

Another problem is it won’t know where to rank the duplicate content. You can fix these issues with a 301 redirect, which connects the duplicate to the original page. Another way is meta robots; it is a way to be done in the HTML head of a particular page.

Prioritize usability

Google is the largest search engine. Its success is attributed to their devotion to making sure the customers are satisfied with their experience. With that, you should also optimize your website with your audience in mind. If your customers are satisfied, then Google probably is too.

Make sure that your site is usable and convenient for them. Ensure that the log-in or sign-up process is seamless and straightforward as well as the payment process. Quality photos and accurate descriptions of the products are also a must to increase the usability of your site.

Remember: the more efficient your site is, the more traffic it will bring and the higher your search engine rank goes.


If you want your e-commerce site to rise to the top, stepping up your search engine ranking game is a step in the right path. People have to know you exist before they buy your product and luckily, search engines have the power. They can connect you a broader reach of people so the higher you rank, the more people you can tap.

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