All bloggers are aware of the fact that original content is very vital in ensuring that their sites rank highly on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  However, web traffic does not just begin to flow;

Faster Google Indexing for Your SiteGuest Post by Evelyn Golston: To get web traffic and faster Google indexing for your site requires a great deal of effort to build a sufficient web audience for your site or blog so that it ranks highly on search engines. Enhancing web traffic can be done ethically in several ways.   

Before you decide to offer your website for Google indexing you need to be sure that it is cleaned up properly.

By now you should have a clue of what that means. Google happens to be one of the largest web traffic providers and in order to enlarge your audience you will have to adhere to some SEO processes. In the event that you wish to have your website indexed by Google after cleaning it up, here are some valuable pointers.   

1. Ensure that links are operational

It is important to avoid any functional page errors such as the one that says ‘page not found’. Also it is necessary to make sure that the internal web pages can easily be navigated and are properly linked with other pages.

2. Use the TITLE tag

Crawlers and browsers depend a lot on title tags. Google web page indexing for your site is extremely vital because the title of the web page will appear on the search engine results page. This gives web users an idea of the content contained on the rest of the web page.  Keyword stuffing within the title tag should be avoided at all costs because it usually makes the sentences incomprehensible.  

3. Make use of META tags

In the event that your site uses code navigation like java script, it may be difficult for the Google crawler to decipher the basic structure of web pages. In such cases the GoogleBot is likely to use META tag descriptions. Ensure that the META tags have descriptions as well as keywords especially for the home page.   

4. Don’t forget the ALT tags

In case you have a site that has web pages with heavy graphics you will need to ensure that ALT tags are input for each and every graphic component.  These tags are meant to give information about the graphics as well as the page content. 

5.  Flash pages require text links

Google Indexing may prove to be rather difficult if your site contains flash content on the home page. This happens because Google does not have the provision for cataloging of flash pages.  The simplest way of indexing a web page such as this is to utilize a text link to direct web users to the home page.  This could be done by including links that say ‘Next Page’ or ‘skip movie’ and these will be use to interlink content pages. 

6. Keep away from FRAMES within web pages

Indexing on Google cannot be done for web pages that contain FRAMES.  In case you have frames on any of your web pages, try as much as possible to find substitute options that will enable Google Crawler to do the website indexing using the NOFRAME tag.  

7. Try and avoid dynamic pages

Website indexing for dynamic pages is not done by Google. Therefore, it is important to establish if a dynamic website is really necessary for your needs. 

8.  Regular content updates

Is the information on your website updated on a regular basis? Google recognizes fresh content and this means that there are higher chances of getting your website indexed faster if the content you post is consistently updated.   

9. Make use of robots.txt file

robots.txt file is essential for guiding Google during the process of website indexing.

10.  Sign up for free blog community accounts

To guarantee faster indexing of your website it is necessary to build links with high ranking blogs through blog communities.  This means that Google will simply have to index your site based on the fact that you are interlinked with prominent blog communities.

Some well known blog communities include MyBlogLog, Blog catalog, and Blogged. Therefore, there is no time to waste waiting to web traffic to come your way; simply register with high ranking blogs and link them to your site. While doing this ensure that your website is listed in the correct category.


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