Without the shadow of a doubt, social media is one of the most influential means of marketing at the moment.

According to some official reports, there are more than 3.5 billion social media users around the globe in 2019. So, it is highly likely that you can reach your desired customers advertising on one of the social networking sites.

Social Media Platforms

In this article, we are going to discuss the most sought-after social media platforms on which you can hopefully grow your business.


Facebook is certainly the first choice among social media sites for marketing. Because Facebook has 1.5 billion daily active users and more than 2.4 billion monthly active users, which is by far more than any other social media’s.

Facebook has an exceptional advertising feature that can outperform any other social media in the field of business.

Moreover, you can choose your audience arbitrarily considering gender, age, interests, purchasing behaviors, employment, relationship, etc. So, based on the type of product, marketers can target their desired audience. Afterward, they will be able to make targeted users watch the advertisements on their news-feeds.

Although you should pay for advertising on Facebook, many businesses have been satisfied after investing in this platform.


Instagram is a very fast-growing application which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. It has more than 500 million daily and 1 billion monthly active users, and you can grow your business on it without paying.

On this popular application, you can increase the number of your active followers only by sharing content. Therefore, this feature is a great opportunity for companies without an advertising budget.

With just the ability to share multi-media content, Instagram is a really entertaining tool for many people. So, you can take advantage of this social behavior to put your market in the public eye. Stories, Stickers, Hashtags, polls, etc. are various kinds of tricks to gain more and more relevant audience.

There are thousands of influencers on Instagram who could gain numerous followers and some of them can sell their page to other businesses in the same field.


Honestly, Pinterest is more useful to influence women. Because more than 80 percent out of 250 million monthly active users of it are females.

So, food, clothes, shoes, wedding stuff, jewelry, etc. are the most sought-after words on Pinterest. You should use paid ads to grow the pinners of your posts. However, this site has some free of charge capabilities that marketers can take advantage of.

This will provide businesses with the opportunity of planning their messages to put favorite keywords on Pinterest.


Snapchat is somehow similar to Instagram with the ability to upload a photo or video and sending them to their Story or to other users. The first one would be visible for one day, while the latter can be viewed once.

This feature will make Snapchat a suitable choice to target youngsters. Snapchat has up to 350 million monthly active users, and 203 million daily active users which more than 70 percent of them are young people.

If your company can provide users with creative and attractive videos, Snapchat is a very good advertising choice for you. Because this application has recorded more than 10 million views for its shared videos.

In addition to these Organic Features for growing your business, Snapchat has paid advertising offers. This capability will give you a Snapchat which can be linked to the Discovery part of Snapchat.


YouTube is a sharing platform that allows people around the world to upload and download videos.

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, this site provides your business with the chance to share your message globally. It has also up to 30 million daily active users who are likely to watch your content.

YouTube has also the advantage of visual content just like other social media platforms. Additionally, it has a unique chance of accessing Google’s advertising platform.


There are numerous fascinating social media platforms that you can have access to by a simple search. In this article, we just tried to introduce some more famous sites and applications and their differences. So, if you want a more exact selection, you should spend more time or even consult marketing experts.

Tom Siani

About the Author: Tom Sian

Tom is an online marketing expert with up to 4 years of experience in this digital industry. Tom also collaborates with some well-known brands in order to generate traffic, create sales funnel and increase online sales and has written a considerable number of articles about marketing via social media, brand marketing, blogging, search visibility, etc.

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