Instagram cannot be termed as merely a social media platform that has immense power to attract a targeted audience to increase the traffic on your business website.

Instagram And Graphic Design

It is also a social media platform that is useful to gain vital lessons on designing a website and how you can incorporate different tools and features of it to ensure the growth of your business.

Ideally speaking, Instagram and graphic design go hand in hand for your online business growth.

Take a look at this platform and you will see why it is so popular and has over 800 million registered business accounts on its portal. TodayInstagram is the leading platform that is extensively used by business owners, other professionals as well as a common man for better engagement and interaction.

Over the years, it has changed a lot and the latest trends will helpyou to generate a steady flow of users and targeted traffic. This will provide a high return on your investment if you can use it properly and merge correctly both Instagram and design into your online business marketing strategy.

Proper use of Instagram and your business website will help you to tap the generation next users of the age group of 18 to 30 years. The platform is very simple to navigate and also highly interactive. Users are often found to be eager to click on the website link when they visit your Instagram profile and expect that both of these will be equally engaging and interactive.

This is where graphic design comes into play. A proper design will make your website more compelling and appealing enough to attract the targeted traffic and generate high revenue.

It will make it more flexible if there are more design dynamics to create a massive and positive impact on the visitors. Eventually it will increase your Instagram followers.

Therefore, you should take vital lesson by examining Instagram so that you can make strategic changes and bring more positive results as well as targeted customers. The design should be lucid enough to create the required impact.

Follow the Experts

If you follow the experts in the field and visit sites like you will get a lot of help in graphic design of your website. You will also come to know about the small changes that you need to make at the development stages so that you can capture the mood of the audience more easily. With such tips and advice you will be able to improve the functionality of your website thereby providing people with a better user experience.

  • Clear backgrounds: Make sure that you incorporate clear backgrounds and icons. Keep things plain and simple so that the users can have a seamless experience. This will help the users to stay on top of the app and will be more likely to spend more time as well on it. There must be a focal point fixed in your Instagram design feature specific for your business.
  • Logical and smooth: You must make sure that the navigation is more logical and smooth. This will ensure that the users are able to see exactly what you them to see. The design will be more compelling and provide you with a strategic edge in this highly competitive online market and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Content creation: You should focus more on content creation which is relevant to your business so that you can convince your users to actually consume what you create. That means you should look over and above the DIY graphics designs using Google Draw. With billions of potential customers perusing this photo sharing platform it is natural that you offer them much more than the basics not only to stand out from the rest but to attract them more and keep them engaged for a better conversion rate.
  • Your goal: You will have to make sure that the audience clicks just as you desire. Therefore, determine the goal which in social media graphic design is just like drawing blueprints for a house. The purpose of your design must be very clear to set the design perspective and direction for the entire creative process. Emphasize on creating engaging graphics, competing contents, and cater specifically to your target audience.
  • Size matters: This is another important consideration for a perfect social media graphic design. You must know the exact size of the canvas because whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, each will have specific size requirements for the images. These images can vary in types as well such as it can be image carousel, GIFs or photo album. Therefore, identify the specific platform that you want to share your designs before starting the design and resize the image accordingly to fit the specific dimensions of each platform. This will prevent cropping out desired elements and also provide flawless user experience.
  • Messaging: You must tell your message visually as that will attract more attention of the users. Usually, most users will scroll through slightly distracted and for a few minutes only at a time. Using visuals with minimal text will allow you to grab their attention within this small window of a few seconds and tell your story as quickly as possible. You can use a detailed illustration or real stock photography.
  • Good contrast: Behind all good graphic design is good contrast which means the right balance of light and dark. This will bring any social media graphic design layout to life.You can look for different contrasting color palettes and use the best combination ideas so that you can make your graphic design a scrollstopper. Use opposing or complimentary color pairs on the color wheel and never use colors that will clash with the brand identity of the social networking platform.

Lastly, you must study the visual identity of your business to create a flawless user experience. Refer to your branding guide that must include a collection of pre-selected fonts, design elements, color schemes, logo variations, and sample graphics. It will help your design to maintain a brand consistency.

About the Author: Walter Moore

Walter is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. You can visit Gramista and learn how to build more follower presence.

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