Did you know that the way your website is getting marketed can be modified to make the marketing even stronger and effective?

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Rebuild Your E-commerce Site for the Best Conversion

If you are unaware of how Google marketing brings on a difference, and how e-commerce can be boosted for your website or product’s online marketing, then you must read this.

The changing e-commerce pattern

The e-commerce trend is changing every day, and newer tested things are coming forth for bringing more traffic, generating more sales, and creating better brand awareness. The look of the shopping carts and e-commerce sites also are changing overall to increase sales these days. Three types of sites must be taken care of specially. And they are:

  • Websites which accepts payments for some online or offline product or service.
  • Websites which showcases a product for sale, which may be sold online or offline and site acts as a point of contact for the consumer and the product seller.
  • Websites which are selling many products, multiple items, etc. in one or many categories.

Based on these types three strategies can be implied on the sites. And if applied the right way, the product sales revenue generation, recognition, and traffic everything can soar the highest in case of any such e-commerce site.

How to handle the product category pages

The product category pages need special attention, and even the home page needs to be made such that it can divert the entire traffic to the right category page. To do this let’s first understand the importance of product category pages.

The product category pages are designed to accommodate all products of a category in them. And the people are shopping and surfing on the site, would use the apt category to reach their product. That is why, the product category page must bring on highlights of the best products, products on offer, the best sellers and so on.

Again the home page also has great importance in this regard. Not all the traffic directly lands up on the site on the category page. Many viewers would land on the site right from the home page. In that case, the home page needs to be treated with care doubly. The recent trend is to decorate and populate the home page with too many ads and circulars, product banners, featured products and such things in graphical form, with clickable links and buttons. This must not look too cluttered in any way, and should rather look much fancy and inviting as the products look on the shelves of a supermarket, and appeals to the shoppers.

The following things if implemented can yield great results:

  • Mention price of the product on the center or front of any ad or banner.
  • Display of categories based on user surfing habits on the home page can help improve sales.
  • Big sized headers cycling the offers can look highly attractive.
  • Some important product highlights, features, with the product image most essentially, must be displayed for fetching the highest attention to the product.
  • Every page on the website must have a search box to get to the required product irrespective of the category.

It’s really important that the right categories for reaching to the products get defined in the site landing page or home page for best results. Some sites do not have so many products and hence do not have as many categories too for them. In that case, the home page can still look great with company data, reports and reviews of the best products and so on.

Hence the home page, in short, must look great with product information, which reflects the best and highly featured products and services by the site.

How to design product pages?

Designing the landing page, the category page, and the home page is crucial, but just not enough if the product page itself looks simple and bare. The product page must be the most attractive page for satisfying users who are driven to that page from the initial home page or category page.

Also, the product page must look fascinating for those viewers who are directly landing on the product page via some link. Call to action buttons with buy now option, and wish list building option, add to cart option, etc. must be present, very prominently visible on the product page.

Most importantly the page, the links on the page, the product zooming features, product reviews, features, showing the product in 3D or the video, etc. all must be very well tested before being featured on the page. Some of the mandates to build a great product page are as follows:

  • The product must be shown in all possible angles and ways so that there stays no haze in the mind of the consumer about the product after seeing the pictures with advanced zoom features etc.
  • All product information with maximum possible details must be provided to clear off any confusion in the reader’s mind.
  • Add more details lie shipping information, company policies, return policies, product handling policies, and more, so that the consumer can get answers to all possible questions related to the product buying from that page.
  • The information still must fill a reasonable portion of the page which fits into the view of the eye, and should not be too lengthy to tire the eyes of the readers.

All these can be made possible when you get assisted by an able Google marketing agency in the market.

Finally- the shopping cart

Choosing the best shopping cart software for the site is the best you can do to simplify things and make things the most user-friendly. The shopping cart should be so much user-friendly, that buying through your site, making payments and understanding the shipping and return, etc. should not be a hassle at all for the least internet savvy customer. If you succeed to design your site that way, you are done to maximize your conversion rates.

About the Author: Sujain Thomas

Sujain is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites.

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