TikTok, for those who are unfamiliar, is a popular video-sharing software that lets users share bits of their lives with others.

However, it does have a role for businesses, and if done well, it can be quite useful.

How Can TikTok Be Used to Market Your Business?

In this post, we'll go over how to utilize TikTok for your company and What are the benefits of including this platform in your social media strategy?

What exactly is TikTok?

TikTok is a social networking website where users may produce and view short movies or video snippets. It debuted in 2017 and has swiftly climbed to become one of the most popular social media sites used worldwide.

TikTok has over 689 million monthly active users globally, ranking it eighth among social media platforms in terms of user counts. However, it's vital to remember that the platform is still in its early stages, and Facebook and Instagram took significantly longer to reach the same number of users after their respective launches.

TikTok's typical demographic is Generation Z, with 26 percent of its users in the UK aged 18 to 24. We calculate that even this number grew considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic, when TikTok became the "pandemic platform."

Is TikTok marketing effective for brands?

If your target market is Generation Z, we can confidently state that TikTok will benefit your company. However, given the range of material seen on the site, this does not rule it out for businesses targeting different groups. The platform's user base is constantly expanding, with people of all ages installing the app on a daily basis.

Over the last year or two, businesses have begun to see the importance of TikTok for their business and have begun to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns. One reason for this is the ease with which businesses can communicate with their consumers and target demographics on the platform, whether through TikTok advertising, TikTok influencers, or sharing user-generated content.

The advantages of TikTok for brands

The benefits of TikTok for brands are numerous, as are the benefits of any other social media platform in the digital age. However, one of the most important advantages of TikTok for companies is its proclivity to go viral, which might be incredibly good for small businesses' brand exposure.

While the platform's specific algorithm remains unknown, it appears that video material on TikTok is more likely to become viral than on other social media sites. When you consider that a single TikTok video may be shared on other social media platforms, it's easy to see the potential for businesses in terms of growing brand recognition and reach.

Other significant advantages of TikTok for business include:

    • With over 689 million monthly users, you have a large, engaged audience.
    • With availability in 141 countries, we have a global reach.
    • a less intrusive method of marketing and gaining the attention of a generation that commonly employs ad-blocking software.
    • It is a low-cost solution because there is no need for carefully produced films or specialized equipment.
    • Maximizing user-generated content to increase authenticity and conversions: UGC increases online conversions by 29% compared to campaigns or websites that do not use it.
    • There are several ways to target TikTok users, with the potential for brand recognition.

    How to Market Your Brand Using TikTok

    If you believe TikTok is the ideal platform for you to employ in your social media marketing plan, there are a few ways you can make the most of it. It's also critical to learn about the platform so you can use it to its full potential.

    Let's go over some quick tips for using the TikTok app for brands.

    Learn about the entertainment platform TikTok

    TikTok marketing is unlike any other type of advertising, so make sure you completely grasp the platform before you begin developing content. TikTok is primarily a place for fun; it's lighter and provides users with an "escape" from the sadness and gloom prevalent on other social media platforms.

    You should investigate the material that is currently performing well and how other companies interact with their audiences. The last thing you want to do is develop a video that you believe will work for your company, only to have it entirely fail when you publish it due to a miscalculation.

    Advertise on the TikTok platform.

    Paid advertising might help if you're seeking less organic ways to use TikTok for your business. You may choose from five distinct sorts of TikTok ads:

      • In-feed TikTok video adverts that appear within the native news feed.
      • Top view: a pop-up ad on the first post in the in-feed.
      • Branded hashtags are video advertisements at the top of the Discover page.
      • Brand takeovers are advertisements that appear when consumers start an app.
      • Branded lenses or effects are advertisements generated using a brand-designed unique filter.

    TikTok, as a new and rising network, will be critical for your social media strategy, especially if your company caters to a younger demographic. So, get started right now and start making your first TikTok video.

    Follow Hashtag trends and create competition

    Creating a hashtag challenge is a smart place to start if you want to increase brand recognition while encouraging consumers to connect with your business. You'll want to develop a piece of content that TikTok users may replicate and tag with your brand hashtag.

    Keep the following tips in mind while establishing a hashtag challenge:

    • Make a hashtag that's worth sharing.
    • Keep a brand or product in mind while using the TikTok platform.
    • Make these TikTok hashtags unforgettable.
    • Make use of appropriate audio.
    • Establish explicit ground rules for users.
    • Every chance you get, promote your challenge.

    Influencers marketing on TikTok

    TikTok influencers, like influencers on any platform, are a tremendous asset to any company. However, you must verify that the influencer you engage with is aligned with your brand and that their following is demographically comparable to your target audience.

    When it comes to influencer marketing, research is essential. Make contact with influencers that share your beliefs, have a large following of engaged users, and can legitimately promote your brand in front of an audience that would benefit from learning about your brand.

    Be creative and original on TikTok

    When it comes to TikTok, originality is essential. With so many movies being produced every day, you must develop something that sets you apart from the crowd. Be wary of merely copying what works well for others—authenticity is vital for TikTok marketing.

    Look for parts of your business that may be of interest to someone, and develop movies that are entertaining and light-hearted. You can show your followers on TikTok how something is produced or provide “behind the scenes” information that gives them an idea of what you are doing. It is not always necessary to make anything amusing or to duplicate a famous meme.

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