No business would like to be found guilty of making some glaring web design mistakes while trying to establish a niche in the industry and boosting its overall Instagram presence.

A professional website seems to be essential for attracting new customers, fostering customer relationships, and establishing credibility. Ideally, a well-designed website would be providing a truly user-friendly experience. It would ensure a steady supply of targeted leads. Moreover, your website would be responsible for ongoing sales.

Let us explore some of the most important web design mistakes that you need to rectify for ultimate business success.

#1 Mistake: A Clear CTA Is Absent

When there is no clearly-defined Call-to-Action. This is supposed to be one of the most common web design mistakes frequently made by small businesses.

As per experts, the best possible website UX should be telling a consumer three thing namely, what, where, & how. Web designers must provide answers to ‘what to do?’ or ‘where to go?’ or even ‘how to feel?’

A CTA would be getting visitors focused completely on what would be their next step. It is supposed to be a prompt which is written along with a persuasive but firm command that is attached to a button or link.

You must consider using content that actually describes the real value of all your services and products, accompanied by a compelling phrase prompting action. Boost Instagram followers by providing a clear CTA on your website.

#2 Mistake: Web Pages Are Loading Excruciatingly Slowly

If you load excessive pictures and videos that would possibly bog down your website tremendously. You must understand the significance of loading quickly since mobile users are looking for convenience and quick action while browsing your website.

All your Instagram followers would be going to your official website out of curiosity. However, they are sure to bounce off at once if your official website’s loading speed is incredibly slow. Be sure to see your website’s ranking dip as your website would be disregarded during the indexing process.

You must get rid of superfluous media that bogs down the website’s overall value. Moreover, identify and concentrate on your objective or aspirations while designing your unique website.

#3 Mistake: Not Doing Any Analytics for True Assessment of Performance

As per, “One of the biggest web design mistakes to avoid is not looking at important data behind a website’s use. Get this: 75% of small business sites do not use analytics tools to track performance! Think of your website as an investment. One of the most important things you can do to protect this investment is to analyze progress and measure success.”

#4 Mistake: Focusing on Designs for Devices & Not Screens

You must necessarily make the most of the screen size to generate a truly responsive and highly intuitive design and shift your attention from device categorization. You must focus primarily on screen size provided you are looking for responsive breakpoints.


There are several other common mistakes that you make while designing your website. So you must steer clear of such mistakes and make sure that you are able to clearly understand the buyer persona before taking any proactive steps. You must always remember that you could come up with truly responsive and highly-intuitive web designs provided you do meticulous planning.

About the Author: Walter Moore

Walter is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. You can visit Gramista and learn how to build more follower presence.

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