You may think that once you launch a business on Amazon and assemble a team of specialized marketing experts, you have nothing else to worry about.

We’re here to say that that's not the case. Market trends will constantly transform, and your strategies need to adapt and respond to these changes.

An aspect that needs an amendment every once in a while is how your business considers and carries out its shipment services. This article will discuss a couple of ways to boost your online business and what considerations you can make with a dropshipping option.

Boost Your Business

Possessing a strong and powerful marketing system drives client dedication and generates brand mindfulness. You can fully attain this milestone with the proper development in the eCommerce sector. Give your product listings and promotions more attention with our eight suggested eCommerce business boost tips:

  1. Employ fulfillment centers that shall help get your products to your clients effectively.
  2. Choose a global marketplace like Amazon where you can sell your products globally.
  3. Prepare a guide that will aid you in planning out your business's direction in the future.
  4. Have a local site written in your language before introducing your products abroad.
  5. Thoroughly examine the way search engine systems work using SEO techniques.
  6. Do not translate messages; hire a writer who can create content in another language.
  7. Comprehend the business laws and policies for both your area and another country.
  8. Get assistance for matters outside your specialization, such as shipping procedures.

eCommerce Shipping Options

Many companies have surely problematized where they can get exceptional shipping services. Choosing the right shipping company can positively affect the overall performance of your business.

Some customers may prefer one brand over another due to the fast and free shipping offers they've been granted with. For your reference, we've gathered data on how dropshipping can improve the flow of your delivery services. At the same time, we’ve added five important eCommerce shipping considerations related to dropshipping.


Does having an inventory and managing stocks fill you with dread? Dropshipping might be the perfect choice if you're the kind of online seller who wants to avoid hassles like storage capacity, product packaging, and punctual deliveries. The only requirement of a dropshipping setup is to have a website, to acquire sales, then provide the order and shipment details. The next step is to pay for the wholesale price you've mutually agreed on and let your shipping company take care of the rest.

Once your dealer ships the client's desired products to their doorstep, the profit you’ll make is the difference between the wholesale price and the cost of your product supplies. Your next question would surely be “What should I consider when selecting a good shipping partner?” Here are our thoughts on this matter:

Consideration 1: Is your manufacturer legitimate and authorized?

You need to ensure that you are working hand-in-hand with a dealer that you can trust; one that knows what they are doing. The best thing you can do to address this concern is to inquire and book a meeting with the manufacturer. Ask for further information on how their system operates, what you plan to put on resale, and a list of wholesalers that they can provide.

girl shipping

Consideration 2: Who are your competitors’ suppliers?

Try to discover or delineate who the potential manufacturers are on your competitors' end. Once you can pinpoint the company, you can uncover how much your competitor is making and what standards they set for their products and services.

To make this discovery, you can order your competitors' products, wait until the parcel arrives, then check the shipping label of your package. You should find the address and contact information of their suppliers there.

Consideration 3: What is the shipment range and speed?

Have a shipping guide to USA from Canada ready to estimate the products' standard date and time of arrival. Keep in mind that 42% of consumers desire same-day delivery services, so prolonging the delivery time beyond two days will harm your business’s reputation.

In terms of delivery range, always ensure that your local courier has an excellent knowledge of the area they will be visiting. Additionally, long-distance shipping is inefficient because it is more expensive and consumes a longer time frame.

Consideration 4: Is there a tracking feature and customer service team?

Communicating with your customers is essential since most of them will ask for the whereabouts of their orders. The tracking feature also allows customers to anticipate the date and time their package reaches their area, instead of indefinitely waiting or making guesses.

Increase your company's transparency by also having a customer service team who will professionally receive complaints, handle product returns, and evaluate customer satisfaction rates. Through customer care, you can look at your business from your clients' perspective. Do a background check on the customer reviews of your dropshipping dealer before partnering up.

Consideration 5: How much are general shipping partnerships?

Amazon shipping costs, for example, vary depending on the company you streamline your business with. Cooperating with the cheapest shipping provider isn't always the best choice.

Before signing that agreement, have a checklist of your expectations; having most of what works for you and your clients should be your business' priority. While affordable prices are enticing, your agenda is to execute premium-quality shipment.

Pro Tip: If you want to cut down on the expenses associated with shipping partnerships, you may negotiate on the type of product packaging your company will have.

Did you find this article helpful for your online business? Let us know what you think about our five important eCommerce shipping considerations by sharing your thoughts in the comments below! 

About the Author: Diana Zheng

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Stallion Express, Canada’s #1 eCommerce shipping company offering the best rates for US, domestic & international shipping. As a personal trainer turned digital marketer, Diana is obsessed with equipping online sellers with everything they need to scale their online businesses.

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