If there's one space in the world that's exploding like anything, that has got the largest support community then that's definitely Digital Marketing.

In many ways, the Digital Marketing Industry is truly democratic and welcoming with open arms.

Meeting Your Prospective Digital Marketing Client

Just start off your career with internships at Digital Marketing agencies, make it a point to become proficient at one function of Digital Marketing with every internship opportunity you grab.

Next thing? You're now finally eligible to be a perfect candidate for a Digital Marketing Executive position.

If you are placed at a correct Digital Marketing Agency then you will get the opportunity there to learn about client handling which is a very crucial aspect in the Digital Marketing industry that nobody talks about; we learn about that via memes which is weird.
​This job can teach you the end number of things to keep in mind while meeting your existing clients as well when meeting the clients to whom you are trying to acquire.

A year’s worth of experience can imbibe confidence in you to quit the job and start your own Digital Marketing Agency or maybe start Digital Marketing Freelancing.

With that said let's jump into things, you should never forget meeting a prospective digital marketing client.

1.   Be critical about creating the first impression

Digital Marketing clients can be of various ticket sizes, small ticket clients, medium ticket clients, and high ticket clients; whatever you want to name it.

If you have managed to get a meeting with a high ticket client then it's fairly obvious that you are going to have to be very critical of minutest detail. High ticket clients need to know whether you can handle their projects or not.

One way to create a good impression is by booking the meet at a professional meeting room.

Professional Meeting Rooms are a thing now, your high ticket client would much rather not prefer meeting you at a local coffee shop, even you would realize the same in a few moments as distractions begin pulling up with anxieties.

You and your prospective client need to be in an environment where you have the space to breathe, make a decision calmly and communicate the proposition properly.

2. Do your homework

It doesn't take much convincing that you are going to have to do plenty of research, extensive research before you meet your prospective client in person.

You need to know every bit of detail about his business more vividly than he does. That's not all that you need to know, you should also be prepared with all the strategies that you can deploy to boom his business in the 'digital', be prepared with counter-arguments if they may take place which they probably would. You as well as the client should leave the meeting knowing that no stones were left unturned.

3. Speak the language that your client understands

Not in the literal sense, but more in the sense that you should not make things sophisticated for the client, explain things in an easy to understand way. While explaining things simply make sure that you don't end up making the client feel like an idiot; condescension has a way of doing just that.

Sophistication would be speaking jargons like “JavaScript SEO” to a client who wants to generate sales from his website. You can instead say something like, I can optimize your website in a way that would make your website appear in Google as your target customer searches for a query that your business solves. So, there it is with these 3 tips you can really crush that next client meeting and get that client. Always invest time in research and educating yourself.

So, there it is with these 3 tips you can really crush that next client meeting and get that client. Always invest time in research and educating yourself.

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