Everyone knows that SEO is in a constant state of flux! It's 2019, and everyone from the start-up entrepreneurs, established and small business owners are contemplating the SEO trends for this year.

Top Four SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2019

People are keen about how the new trends are all set to replace the old ones and how. SEO is always moving, and sometimes it becomes challenging to keep up to all the changes.

Do you want to stay updated with the critical 2019 SEO trends? If yes, stay tuned to the following trends as follows:

  1. Voice search will be the order of the day

Over the years voice search has increased in popularity and demand! In fact, according to most SEO experts, people will be commanding Google with their queries. And according to the experts, by 2020 most searches online are going to be voice searches. Also, the count of people making use of voice assistants is increasing on a yearly basis at a high rate. For instance, today 35.6 million of the Americans opt-in for the voice-activated device monthly, once at least. Additionally, one in every six Americans also has smart-speakers.

It's true that SEO is upgrading itself an on an ongoing basis! It is also true that the surge in voice search usage is one of the noticeable changes one can count on. It is something unique and needs a different and dedicated optimization strategy. Also, there seems to be some connection between the featured snippets by Google and even voice search optimization. To know more on how to use this trend to your advantage, you can count on Keyword Fyrebird SEO Company Philadelphia and other ace service providers as well.

  1. There’s much progress in mobile-first indexing

Step back to March 2018, and you will recall Google had started to roll out its mobile-first indexing strategy. It was a change that most people were anticipation. Today, most mobile devices count for close to 60% of all traffic and the number is increasing at a breakneck pace. But still, some people are not sure what mobile-first indexing refers to for the web designers and SEO! Also, people want to know when they can expect the voice search index.

Going by facts, the mobile-first index is almost a year old, and it is difficult to say where the trend is advancing! However, people are also keen on the speed with which this technology works. Most people have realized that it is essential to create a very responsive website which is completely functional on mobile and computing devices and moves fast.

Developing better mobile websites and also establishing a unique user experience for online users with mobile devices is essential. Keeping Google's trend, no one is sure what will follow the next mobile-first indexing. However, it has to do with providing easy to navigate websites. The idea is to give a pleasant browsing experience that moves fast.

  1. Blockchain technology will influence SEM and SEO

Most often than not blockchain is linked with Bitcoins or cryptocurrency! However, the impact of blockchain will be much more than that. Also, it is estimated to influence SEO as well along with online marketing. Most people wonder about its utility. The blockchain is all set to develop a trustworthy and secure record of transactions. This trend is also effective in protecting transactions taking place on search engines as well. There's a specific connection between the website owners as well as advertisers. Google works as a middleman between the website owner as well as the advertiser. It ensures that the transaction will take place smoothly. And that’s what blockchain does effectively. It can authenticate what all the users stay with complete authenticity.

It helps to find out if a bot or a real person saw an ad. It also helps to ensure that the website owners pay up only for the actual click-throughs in the site.  It all helps to minimize the chances of online frauds.

  1. Amazon search optimization is gaining momentum

It’s interesting to see the way Amazon Search starts to compete with Google! Several SEO experts are anticipating a spectacular expansion for Amazon Search Optimization in recent times.  Not everyone seems to get convinced of this. To validate it, you can take reference of a Kenshoo study, where almost 72% of shoppers today make use of Amazon to search for various products.

That is not all! The research also shows that almost 56% of the users end up searching on Amazon to start with before they begin browsing any other website. Additionally, they don’t merely lookout for products. Instead, they check out almost everything they require that they might otherwise need to search in Google. It includes product suggestions as well as reviews. There can be a collection of products that you can get interested in searching for in Amazon.

Simply put, they don't require any other search engine to figure out what they need to purchase. Finally, they should also do some dedicated research before arriving at the buying decision. This trend has the chance to pose some threat to Google Ads as well as Google in general. If the number of people doing Google search for products and discounts is getting lesser, there might be an impact on revenue as well as on advertising. So, this trend comes with both its pros and cons.

SEO is a broad landscape and is bound to keep changing! What existed yesterday as a trend can soon get replaced by some other trend that adds on to the previous one. If you are planning your start-up or small business SEO strategy you need to be aware of these trends so that you can expect better. As a business owner, it is not always possible to stay tuned to the SEO updates and changes. You will have other business activities to ponder on. For this, it is essential to join hands with an ace SEO company that will update you about the significant SEO changes and trends. These service providers will also help you align your SEO strategy in keeping with the Google algorithm updates.

About the Author: Sujain Thomas

Sujain is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites.

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