SEO is a vast field, and it’s expanding with every passing day. Also, the SEO landscape is witnessing new trends that are shaping its course for the future.

One of the prominent ones that need to get talked about is sentiment analysis.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Simply put, sentiment analysis is a process that gets used to evaluate the negative and the positive emotions linked with specific word sets. This technology has grown over the years in a significant way. And in the 21st century, it has a high impact on SEO and marketing and has just started to show its positive effects.

Usually, sentiment analysis is used both by the marketers as well as Search Engines. And today, it has begun to have a significant impact on the SEO industry. Discussed below are few crucial ways in which sentiment analysis impacts SEO.

  1. There’s an influence on the featured snippets

Back in 2008, Google was seen to file a patent, for its algorithm that ensures that each snippet would have sentiment plurality concerning the entity. And this theory was said to maintain a balance in the snippet’s emotional content. This particular patent was applicable for every search snippet.

For the search engines to make use of data in the featured snippet, it is essential for it to be authoritative, relevant and be of high-quality. Also, it's necessary to be simple to extract. Also, to be a perfect fit for the snippet depending on the sentiment analysis, there should be a use of emotionally charged words. It will then express various sentiments than what’s added in the snippet.

  1. It will have an impact on the content generated

Sentiment analysis has already entered in search engine algorithms. And its role and influence will only add up in the days to come. As a result, content will undergo a considerable change. Today, brands and marketers need to come up with adequate content that will evoke the required sentiments for a particular product or article, aligned with the marketing strategy. Hence, sentiment analysis will have its impact on the content writing services as well.

  1. Enhancing customer service

Customer service is at the core of every successful business. Hence, that needs to be the most critical concern of your brand's marketing strategy. The analysis of support tickets, transcripts and many other consumer service contents, comprise of private messages that get sent to the social media accounts. It can lead to several useful changes in the way brands today manage their customer care service.

According to many experts, such changes might add in enhanced procedures of focused ticket support along with recognizing trends in the consumer sentiment at multiple aspects in the consumer service exchange. The brands are then able to make use of such insights to regulate their management of specific issues that the consumers often face.


Today, marketers have an easy blueprint that makes the sentiment analysis work for them! Do you want to generate good quality content relevant to the keyword strategy? Do you also want it to provide an excellent user experience on the website and continually provide the online users with all that they are looking for? If yes, then it is essential for you to generate strong, positive sentiments along with effective backlinks that enhance SEO.

About the Author: Sujain Thomas

Sujain is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites.

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