It’s no secret that search engine optimization has changed the way many businesses think about Internet marketing.


Local Mapping

As this industry spreads and evolves, even smaller local companies have found ways to make SEO a more accessible experience.

Many companies are quickly discovering just how cost-effective local SEO can be, too!

5 Reasons Local Mapping May Be A Cost-Effective Solution

1. Increase Online Presence

Small business owners that stay on top of the latest trends in maps optimization often find that they get a greater presence on the World Wide Web and are able to better drive people to their services.

Local SEO works to help target a local audience as well as rank higher with Google and other search engine results.

2. Build a Brand

Authenticity is one of the biggest benefits of local SEO. As companies link their Google+ and Facebook accounts with Google maps, they establish a trust with their target audience.

By becoming more easily accessible in the local searches, companies not only build an online brand but show they are involved in the community as well.

3. Increase Mobile Traffic

Local map listings not only play into a company’s search engine optimization success, it also affects their mobile marketing as well. With smartphones on the rise, it is important for businesses to cater to this crowd and how they access information.

Mobile SEO can often be as expensive to start up as traditional SEO, though. Simple SEO tactics often don’t apply to mobile users, many of which rely on local mapping apps to help them decide what to buy.

Implementing local mapping services can be a simple and cost-effective way to start a mobile marketing campaign, too.

4. Increased Local Conversion Rates

Part of the reason local SEO is so successful is that it helps increase conversion rates in targeted areas. Many people use local terms in search boxes and rely on the results to help them choose a product or service.

Google Maps is reporting increased use as people begin to search for businesses based on geographic location.

Investing in local SEO that helps promote the company on Google Maps is almost a necessity. An increase in profits for little or no money is always positive.

5. Simple to Start

Much like when you first established your social media accounts, local SEO can have a bit of a learning curve attached to it. For the most part, local SEO is simply specifying a location on various web pages. As the company builds a good relationship with these communities and uses geographic terminology, their local SEO grows. Through SEO firm help, this can be one of the more affordable options, and it is generally highly cost-effective.

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