Most site owners know how important link building is for SEO and the future success of their sites.

However, this does not mean they know how to actually build really good links. There are many link building mistakes that are made.

3 Huge Link Building Mistakes

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We are talking about an industry that is much more complex than what many believe. Unfortunately, most of the SEO specialists you find online just do it wrong. This can easily lead to huge problems in the future, even in the event that some results are gained on the short term.

In order to get the first SEO link building step done right, we talked with the SEO managers at ESBO. They highlighted the following huge link building mistakes they often see with people that do not have proper search engine optimization experience.

Choosing Links Based On The Wrong Factors

When you see if a link you can get is worth it you have to take so many things into account. Unfortunately, most SEO campaigns rely on domain authority and maybe the number of inbound/outbound links present on a page. This is not enough.

In order to understand how valuable a backlink is you have to take into account all the information you can get. How popular is the website on social media? Who is the person behind the website? How relevant is the link you get based on the topics that are covered by the site? Can you get better links for the money you will pay? Ask as many questions as you can to make the best choice.

Improperly Choosing Anchor Texts

The aim is always to rank for a specific keyword and the big mistake is solely using that keyword when linking. This is a mistake because Google automatically figures out that the ranking is not organic.

Take a look at the organic backlinks a website gets. You will quickly figure out that every single page has a mixture of many different anchor texts and link types pointing to it. General anchors like “click here” and brand names are often used by people to naturally link to content. Long tail keywords are vital but they need to be diversified. This is what you have to build when you get backlinks.

Not Building Links To The Links You Get

Getting a link from a website is a wonderful opportunity to diversify your overall optimization campaign. In SEO you can easily find links for a page but few people understand the power of building backlinks to the backlinks that you initially get. This creates a scheme that can easily increase the page authority and value of every single link that you get to your site. Also, it looks a lot more natural than getting backlinks from one page and having those links not get backlinks from other sources in return.

Final Thoughts

The 3 mistakes mentioned above are only some that can be made. You need to take it one step further and understand what you can do and what you cannot do with the resources that are available. Getting good backlinks is not just about what you get. It is also about the resources you choose not to use as they are not valuable.

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