​If a local SEO expert is leading you, and you have accumulated some sound knowledge about SEO to talk freely about various issues, then it's time you ask and check your presence on Google My Business Page.

Google Business Listing for Local SEO

If your SEO service provider, claiming to give you the best local SEO service has not yet created this page for you, then now is the time you take special importance in this.

The efficiency of Google My Business listing is going to increase after the update it has gone through recently. The recent update allows you to add short URLs and short names for your business on your business profile page. This has some nice advantages we will be discussing below.

What is the Google My Business Page?

This page you can create on Google is a passport to success for local SEO and marketing. That’s because when you have registered on this page, you are visible as the local business to people who are searching from your area. Like for example, if you have a food truck in a city in Arkansas in the US, and you want people to know about you, then you can straightway register as a business on the Google My Business page.

This registration would reflect you in search results among all others like you. Now if a user searches for food trucks in Arkansas or in that specific city, then your website would be listed there among all other similar listings and businesses. And this is the power of Google My Business page. You can right away make a mark and get a place on the Google business listing, and whether you rank in SEO or not and whether you have a good SERP or not, you still get visible as the business in the searched area.

The best part of the service is that it’s free. Yes, you read it right! This so very important service is totally free from Google, just to facilitate users in finding the apt business solution they are looking for. And as the business, you have more chances of better exposure when you are lucky to collect some good customer reviews.

Customer reviews for your Google My Business Page

You have the most likeliness of getting reviews from customers who finds your presence on a category through the Google listing, and then uses your service or product. And the power of reviews on this page is high. The rating Google gives you based on the customer reviews and ratings you get is not based on the amount or volume of reviews, but on the average rating, you get. For example, if you are rated 5 by 2 customers only, and you have an average review of 5 therefore, then you are shown as 5 stars rated service on the listing page compared to another business, which is old enough with an average rating of 3 stars but almost 1000 reviews.

Advantage and impact of the recently updated feature

The new feature added to Google Business listings enables businesses to add a short name and URL of their business. The main advantage is an easy way to set the My Business Page and profile, which would simplify its look and make it easy to locate by customers.

Once you have used a short URL and name on the listing, you may then use the same details everywhere, starting from your business card to brochures, banners, posters, ads and what not. The Google Business listing showing your short URL and name, actually makes it an identity of you online. People find that URL on a business card, and when they type it they can get straight to your Google business page, your contact information, and reviews of you, and also direction to your physical location.

The URL format

The simple format of the URL which is g.page/[the short business name] which can be as small as five characters for the name, and a maximum of 32 characters. This is a brilliant way to shorten the address and define your identity online. You can get assisted to compose a very effective short name for this page by your Little Rock SEO service.

Tips to form a short name

The short name you add in here must be formed thoughtfully. Try to include one of the most important keywords, and the business name along with your location in the short name. It’s meant to be short, and hence this framing is tricky. But the more details you can put inside the scope of those few characters the better for you. You can try combinations of your business name with the city name, or your service type with the city name, or the service type with a business name. The recently rolled out feature is available to all those who are verified businesses in Google.

Directing customers to your business page

One of the simplest ways to bring customers to your page is by directing customers to the page through this short URL. It’s much simple and stylish. Many customers try to track services by maps and physical location. If one is trying to find you on the map, and you enter this short name there, then customers can click on it to get to your page simply.

Get an SEO expert who stays updated

Features like this one and more get rolled out now and then. The services by Google are getting smarter day by day. Hence, you need an SEO expert and service, which can always stay tuned with updates, and lets you enjoy the advantage of implementing the newest features for your local SEO campaign.


Local SEO is not just about backlink building, on-page SEO, and strategy, but about using ever scope you get, to increase exposure in local searches. This essentially does not have to be about a good SERP. There are many other ways to get exposure, and this is surely one of them.

About the Author: Sujain Thomas

Sujain is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites.

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