In the world of SЕO, there is a lot of confusion as to what duplicate content means and how it affects your website.

For those who may be unaware, Google views all pages on your site as indexed by taking into account various factors

How to Avoid Google's Duplicate Content Problem

These factors include such things as page titles, meta descriptions, keywords, etc. Since these are all unique features that can vary from page to page, they can be used in a number of ways to improve your site's rank.

However, when Google begins crawling a website and finds a large amount of duplicate content distributed throughout the site, they place a lower ranking on all pages in an effort to prevent search engine results from being clogged with irrelevant or duplicate information.

While this may be catastrophic, there are ways to avoid Google’s duplicate content problem for your site. Here are a few suggestions from web and mobile app development company to get you started:

Steps To Follow to Avoid Duplicate Content


1. Redirect All Old URL Pages

Redirect all pages with their old URLs to new ones. This approach is very effective in helping search help understand which web page you want them to index.

Using the 301-redirect code allows Google to know that this page has permanently moved to a new location. By doing this, Google will return your pages with their correct URLs without any hesitation.

2. Create Unique Titles

Create unique titles for each page of content on your site. Your page title is what search helps us in their results when users look up specific keywords or search terms. In order to avoid confusion and ensure that you are receiving a high search engine ranking, it is vital to maintain a "clan" page title.

For example, instead of simply saying "Company Name Home Page," give each page its unique title that best describes the information contained within.

3. Create Unique Meta Descriptions

Create unique meta descriptions for each page on your site as well. In addition to maintaining a "clan" page title, it is also very important to have unique meta descriptions for each of your web pages that are written with targeted keywords in mind.

Using the same description across multiple pages will not only confuse search helping but also limit the amount of "real stat" you have available in your results to make a strong impression on users.


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