We all know how strong an impact Facebook has on social media as well as SEO these days.

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But the bigger question among most budding entrepreneurs and page owners these days is whether the likes have an effect or not. If yes, then how much & if not, what matters instead?

A lot of people these days start a business through their website and Facebook without even knowing the basics. Make sure you don’t end up becoming one of them. Read all about Facebook likes, how they affect SEO and if not them, then what affects SEO. Continue reading to learn more…

  1. Likes could be the new links in today’s world

If you think Facebook likes have an effect on SEO, then you are absolutely correct. But did you also know that likes could somewhat be the new links today? They play a very important role when it comes to SERPs’. Many social media pages also use these social signals to get good results. Google has also said that a Beta Test version does show which of the social media pages has helped them get results. Those who use likes to show their favorite topic of discussion, it will be silly for any search engine to just ignore all signals that are given by the source. In a few places, Facebook pages do outdo other web pages. This also shows the kind of authority that is given to Facebook pages that have a whole lot of likes.

  1. It could create more potential for new links

The more you share on Facebook, the more you will open doors for people to take a look at our content and share the link with others. Case studies and researches conducted on Facebook in the past have turned out to be absolutely effective. In fact, it still has a great ranking and stands as a good example of great strategies for promotion and creation of content. In the year 2014, experts believed that Facebook has a great ranking signal, therefore they talked about Facebook shares even more and promoted it. It took them time to realize that it's the links that matter more and guess what? They are all found from within the shares itself.

  1. Allows You To Promote Better

Another thing it does is that it allows you to promote. Facebook happens to be one of those search engines people search the most. However, the queries have very little intent whereas Google allows the conversion to happen. However, you can use Facebook to get some good performance in your SEO. You could promote your brand through posts and videos that have links in them. YouTube itself has been following this strategy for a very long time and it works so effectively for them.

  1. Lets you build your own audience fast

Your product could be great. Your service could be amazing but if the audience has no idea about it, they won't even better. So what can you do in a situation like this? Very simple. You need to build an audience. You have to be alert, active and be able to meet more people and reach them where they exist. As you must be knowing, almost the entire world is on Facebook regardless of whether they are on Instagram or Twitter or not. Social media marketing helps in bringing about this sense of awareness. Click rates will also have some good impact on the rankings. Not just that, it will improve the likelihood and will allow people to show more interest in the content of the brand.

What does Google have to say about Facebook likes affecting SEO?

Experts from Google say that a like button on Facebook will have no effect on the rankings. The only effect on ranking is possible if there are links and shares available. That will help you get an audience, promote yourself even better and create more potential, just like it has been mentioned above. Google generally uses a site speed which helps in understanding the rankings.

Facebook likes, if used in a certain way can make your page become slow. In fact, Google Reader and Twitter do not even use the social sites on Facebook. In short, the rankings are effective through links and shares, but likes as of now aren't effective. Also, don’t buy Facebook likes ever. They won’t ever help you in any way. You will end up wasting money instead.

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